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Doewap online platform

All European primary school teachers need didactic resources and ideas that make it easy for them to sing with children in school. There are already many online platforms that help primary school teachers to sing with children. However, a new online platform with songs and didactic tips from all over Europe is one of a kind.

This online platform is called Doewap and is being developed by Koor&Stem, the Flemish organisation for vocal music. This platform is the practical translation of a research project that was performed in 2012-2013. It also incorporates a series of practical ideas that are described in a newly published inspirational guide for choirs that aims to get millions of children singing in the span of the next generation.

Therefore, the platform offers

  • access to good practice examples of singing with children from all over Europe, presented lively and practically, according to the needs of primary school teachers
  • new and solid didactic resources
  • (inter)national news on singing with children
  • (references to) scientific research and advocacy documents on singing with children and the singing voice of children
  • information about training opportunities for teachers.

See the PDF version of the presentation by Jan Stofferis, Koor&Stem - here.