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A Brief History of Youth Involvement

The starting point of the Fellowship Programme was in September 2000 at the Annual Meeting of the EMC in Bonn. After a presentation of the work of the European Parliament of Young Musicians (EPYM), the interest of the EMC Board and the participants encouraged the members of the EPYM to continue their work, as it became apparent that a better participation of young people in European music organisations was necessary. Therefore, the first Working Group Youth was founded in Bonn in October 2000 by three members of the former EPYM.

Since then the WGY has grown in size and scope and has built up strong links with other international youth groups. Some of its biggest achievements include carrying out two Youth in Action-funded cooperation projects: Access! And Make Music! Be Heard! (that included work placement schemes all across Europe and a European Youth Forum on Music held in Turin), hosting various sessions and formats at EMC events and activities, drafting and disseminating the Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe, including a presentation of the document at a meeting of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament and much more. Find below an overview of past activities and achievements of the WGY.

Whilst the EMC rhas always been a strong advocate of the voice of young people, the EMC team, Board and members of the last WGY (2013 - 2015) questioned whether the format in which the committee operated was still the best solution for guaranteeing the voice of youth in the EMC’s activities. Experience has shown that the study commitments and working schedules of young people at the start of their careers does not always allow them the flexibility for travel and the fulfilment of the commitments to such a committee. At the same time, due to the closed structure of a committee that only allows new members in every 2 years, many young people who have stated an interest in the work of the EMC could not be properly involved in its activities. The idea therefore emerged to make the strategy for youth involvement more open, allowing more young professionals to get involved in the EMC and at the same time take the pressure of the responsibilities of the committee from a small group of people.These discussion led to the creation of the Fellowship Programme which was adopted at the Annual Meeting of Members 2016 in Wroclaw.

Youth Committee meeting in Bonn 2013

Activities 2008 - 2013

Learn more about the various activities and projects carried out by former EMC Working Groups Youth.

Make Music! Be Heard!

The central aim of Make Music! Be Heard! was to strengthen youth participation in European music networks. Learn more about the Youth in Action-funded project, its activities and outcomes.

Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe

The WGY of the EMC developed this document aa a result of consultations with many young Europeans from different backgrounds and interests within the music field on their needs and aspirations.