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Youth Guide

The main tangible outcome of the project is a youth guide to European music sector which was researched throughout the course of the project. This guide gives an overview of music organisations’ activities in the field of youth, provides best practice examples of how to successfully integrate youth into an organisation’s work structure, and lists opportunities made available to young people by these organisations i.e. funding, internships, training courses etc.
The information is collected by youth involved in the project by contacting organisations within the extended partner networks as well as by general internet research, and then printed and presented on a dedicated website. The guide complements the Manifesto and contributes to the continuity of the project activities after the official end of the project. The website is maintained by the EMC Youth Committee making sure it is up-to-date.

Promotion of the Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe

The Manifesto is aimed at policy and decision makers on a local, regional, national and European level, calling upon them to respond to the needs of the young involved with music in Europe. The activities planned for the project aimed to boost the young people’s confidence in making their voices heard and give them the know-how on how to approach and speak to important decision makers. As the main European music networks are based in Brussels, a special meeting between representatives of these networks and the young participants was planned, at which the Manifesto was presented and the two parties could discuss what can be done by networks to improve youth partication in their oganisations. Although there has already been much positive feedback on the Manifesto the aim now is to increase the numbers of supporters of the Manifesto, in order to strengthen the argument when approaching politicians.

As interest in the Manifesto has risen, so have the number of opportunities in which to present the document at various conferences and seminars throughout Europe. By reaching out to new young people with the project, and giving them the skills and confidence to speak up for their rights as young musicians in Europe, will lead the Manifesto to new audiences.

Work placements at European music organisations

Seven young people were given the opportunity to undertake a week long work experience placement at the office of one the promoter organisations. This scheme was aimed at students, young music professionals, as well as young people with a love for music but no professional connection to music aged 18-30. The placement scheme addresses the EU’s main youth policy priorities concerning youth employment as it gave young people their first insight into the reality of working in a music organisation and helped them with their future career choices. The opportunities available at the hosting organisations varied, but included the supervision of a mini-project, administrative support for an organisation’s daily activities, participation in meetings, work shadowing etc.
The young people who took part in the programme were selected following a recruitment process which was promoted throughout the partners’ networks and open to everyone meeting the above mentioned criteria. Whilst at the host organisation, the young participants were put into contact with local youth with whom they could exchange experiences.

The Make Music! Be Heard! project is supported by the EU Youth in Action programme