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Jasna Ahmetovic - Jeunesses Musicales International

The Ghent Mission

Visit Belgium - check! Meet important people from the Jeunesses Musicales network - check! Be involved in musical projects - check! Learn how to produce similar projects in your own country - check! Bring new ideas to improve the musical scene in your local environment - check! Meet new people - check! Meet new friends - check! Have fun - check! Make music be heard - check!

Make music be heard work placement in Ghent (Belgium) AKA The Ghent mission made an important change in my life, mostly by changing my way of thinking. Being a Producer and fighting for arts and culture in a country with so much poverty and unemployment, is usually really difficult but sometimes it becomes unbearable. When struggling so much with managing and producing artistic projects in a country that systematically does everything it can to stop them, one forgets about the good things that come as a result of creating projects for young musicians and young artists and gets caught up in all the difficulties they bring. One starts simply giving up. Until 'one' gets a trip to Belgium thanks to the European Music Council to work with leading people from the biggest non-governmental musical network Jeunesses Musicales International and one's voice is finally heard!

During my work placement in Belgium, through a series of meetings with the Imagine committee of Jeunesses Musicales International, I got a chance to help with creating and setting ground rules for the improvement of one of the most important projects of this network, Imagine festival. Every year, Imagine changes and empowers lives of many young musicians helping them pursue their musical careers.

On the other hand, being involved in making a difference through music helped me remember all the positive things that come out of these projects and also helped me not give up the fight.

Every day we would discuss the rules of organizing Imagine festival, the possibilities and outcomes, positive and negative sides of branding Imagine. Through the meetings I got all the answers I need for starting Imagine festival with Jeunesses Musicales Bosnia and Herzegovina which will result in changing even more lives, empowering even more young musicians and making more musicians be heard! Road trip to Leuven to watch Imagine festival qualification round came as a practical exercise of everything I've been listening to in the meetings so the placement was the perfect combination of theory and practice with a large amount of extracurricular and intra-curricular fun.

Days went by so fast and it was soon time to go back to 'the real life' and put everything I have learned into good use. I can proudly say I'm not giving up!

I am very grateful for the life-changing experience I got with "Make Music! Be Heard!" project of European Music Council and I solemnly swear I will continue the 'curse' of making a difference through music.