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Maiju Kopra- Superact

I visitd the Superact office in Somerset before the European Forum on music that was held in Glasgow. I had the opportunity to shadow one of their musicians while he was playing in different parts of a local hospital. It was extremely interesting to see how his choices of music influenced different patients in the hospital and also learn more about the co-operation between Superact and the hospital. I also spent a day in a local school and visited many music lessons that were held to different age groups. It was great to see what a normal day in a British school looks like and compare the differences between the Finnish education system and the British education system. 

During my stay with the Superact I also had the chance to learn more about their projects that they manage and see a glimpse of their everyday office life. For me this experience was one of a kind and gave me valuable knowledge in working in communities through music and culture.

Maiju Kopra