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Marisia Louta - Zebrock

Passion and Inspiration is important for us to carry on that music generously can provide!

and it's an honor that I was a part of the project "Make music be heard" ~ Manifesto for youth and music in Europe. I had a wonderful time with wonderful people working on one vision and doing their best to bring awareness on social things that matter through our weapon:
M U S I C !

I had a beautiful creative time working with Mannon Fenard and such a friendly and cooperative atmosphere with people in ZEBROCK.

It was almost 10 days full of music, creativity, practice organization behind the scenes, conversing with brilliant Artist and musicians! ( ha.. that was the best part part of the trip! ) since we all know the Today's challenges and transition in economy and related issues ( such as employment and distribution) we facing and as a result it also can affects music! So, we discuss deeply in details the role of the youngsters and the Music in the world we live in and Europe. Encouraging Open Dialogue, Diversity, and giving the grounds for all of us to blossom is of vital importance since music matters, music is freedom and freedom is love , how can we live and thrive without love? How we can live and thrive if we don't give value to music and all forms of expression for us to prosper and reach our potential? All the above and more than this was the burning Question with each interview and again I want to thank European Music Council for this initiative and ZEBROCK for the valuable work and the integrity I received! May we all realize the worth of Art's and music and work with simplicity and common vision towards this divine and paradoxical era...

Marisia Louta