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Alexandra Solea

 “As European Music Council Fellow, I have had the unique opportunity to participate in the 2016 Forum on Music in Wroclaw, interrelating and collaborating with senior and young emerging music professionals coming from different parts of Europe. It is my desire, throughout the EMC Fellowship programme, to actively participate in culturally policy discussions and projects implementation, in order to encourage the international environment to give greater importance to the education and cultural dimensions, and provide to the societies the richness of musical thought and the creativity of young people through concrete actions!”

-- Alexandra Solea is a cultural entrepreneur, musicologist and pianist. She has founded the international cultural organization Solèart Management, based in Rome (Italy), with the aim to promote young musicians and music education worldwide, as well as the knowledge of musical cultures and educational models belonging to different national identities, because erudite to creativity allows to elevate feelings and imagination towards new heights. High-profile positions, in public and private sectors, have rounded out her arts administrator expertise, allowing collaborations with international institutions in performing arts management like: Roman Philharmonic Academy, Olympic Theatre in Rome, Youth Music of the World in London, Rome Opera House, "George Enescu" International Festival and Competition in Bucharest.

Balázs Hornyák

„EMC events are great networking opportunities for the participants. I have met several people in Leiden and Wroclaw who I can collaborate with in the future in different projects. The participating professionals speak the same language because they all work in the field of music. People are open for discussions and eager to share their experience.”

-- Balázs Hornyák is a flutist, music educator and journalist. He has been working with Symphony Orchestras as a freelance musician, involved in musical performances in various theatres and performs with different chamber music formations regularly. Balázs also teaches musical talents and helps them start a musical career. He works for the European Talent Centre Budapest where he is currently coordinating international art projects to promote young talents. Besides this, he researches arts education and musical talent and lectures at national and international forums and conferences about the results.

Giulia Lodi

„At the European Forum on Music I had the chance to meet and network with young and experienced professionals, educators, musicians, people from all around Europe speaking the common language of music and interested in collaborating, learning, sharing with each other. The focus of the forum was "Musical Homelands: New Territories" an extremely important topic nowadays, where people and cultures are meeting and mixing, re-shaping our society with physiological ups and downs. In this change process I see in music one of the possible keys to communicating and getting in touch with each other, shaking our fears off and building bridges instead of walls." 

-- Giulia Lodi works as Office Manager and Communication Officer for the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, a non-profit association based in Germany gathering organisations, choirs and individuals active in the field of collective singing in Europe. She studied Communication Sciences in Bologna and did a Master in Communication and Advertisement for the Organisations in Urbino.

Maryana Golovchenko

“This year Forum on Music in Wroclaw brought me some really fruitful contacts, immediate expert opinion and valuable advise on the projects I am currently working on. This is one of the main things, in fact, why I value the EMC network so much. Passionate and dedicated professionals ready to listen, cooperate and encourage. And from now on I am honored to be part of this network as a fellow”

-- Maryana Golovchenko (Ukraine/the Netherlands) is an independent musician, festivals maker, teacher and researcher in the field of culture, has expertise in international crossover music and cultural projects (both Eastern and Western Europe). Her collaborations include works with musicians, choirs, filmmakers, visual-artists, sound-designers, dancers and choreographers.  She is a co-founder of Netherlands-based Music and Beyond Foundation that aims at encouraging the intercultural dialogue through music with a focus on the Middle East and Eastern European countries. during the past three years she has been in charge of coordinating and producing the Global Week for Syria project in twenty-one cities from Europe to the Middle East and currently extending the global community across all continents.

Merlijn Poolman

"During the EMC Conference in Wroclaw and some months earlier in Leiden, I was able to give the attendees a good insight in the projects we are currently working on and where they originate from. The atmosphere in which this happened could not have been better and I am convinced these meetings have laid a solid base for future collaborations in a lot of different fields."

-- Merlijn Poolman is a musical programme manager at Simplon concert venue in the northern Dutch city of Groningen and has his own nightclub Subsonic, a place for open-minded electronic music lovers. With his foundation of Dutch Music Export founded in 2009, he helps Dutch artists in all musical ranges with their foreign endeavours from South-America to China. Between this, he is developing Subciety, a cultural social network that gives an overview of what is happening where and enables artists, venues, visitors and organisations to connect easier and more efficiently.

Riah Fairweather

"Attending the European Forum on Music in Wroclaw allowed me to cement the connections with international colleagues I had previously met through the European Music Council network, and becoming a fellow this year has enabled me to meet peers within my profession from different countries. Having an event run by an organisation which supports all areas of music, created a gathering with much musical and cultural diversity. Being able to participate in discussions on the topic of music and migration was very eye-opening and an honour to contribute to." 

-- Riah Fairweather is the Company Administrator at the Scottish Music Centre (SMC), based in Glasgow. She works closely with composers, musicians and ensembles, to promote and champion their music throughout Scotland and abroad. As part of her role at the SMC, Riah helps to preserve Scotland’s largest archive of musical materials and make the collection available to the public.