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Back after the summer break we would like to provide you with news from the European Music Council, the music sector, and the field of cultural policy.
The EU has finally started publishing the long-awaited call for proposals for the culture strand of the Creative Europe programme, the call for cooperation projects is already online and the one for European networks will follow at the beginning of October – a lot of work for those intending to apply lies ahead. Talking about funding applications, the EMC is happy to announce its successful application for the STAMP project (Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals) in the frame of Erasmus+.
At the end of the month our sister regional group, the African Music Council, will hold its first African Forum on Music, closely followed by the first Music Forum of the Three Americas “Decolonising Music” beginning of October.  Last but not least, as always you will find a lot of interesting news from our members from all across Europe.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading our newsletter!

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EMC News

The EMC YouTube Channel
We have produced some new videos to present our work and some of our projects. If you wish to learn more about the discussions that took place during the 6th European Forum on Music in Wroclaw for example, make sure to check out our YouTube Channel. You will also find an overview of our Fellowship Programme there, an informative and fun video describing our work and more. We will continuously expand the channel, so make sure to subscribe and come back regularly.

STAMP - Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals

We are happy to announce that the project STAMP has been selected for funding under Erasmus+. The project responds to a need for greater professional training within the music sector in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. It aims at developing exemplary tools for ongoing professional training as well as at improving employability and entrepreneurship. An online learning platform will offer MOOCs, (Massive Open Online Courses), webinars, guidelines as well as build up a community of trainers and learners in the field of professional training.
The STAMP partners:
Cyprus Centre for Research and Study of Music
European Choral Association – Europa Cant
European Union of Music Competitions for Youth
Jeunesses Musicales Hungary
Live DMA
Estonian Academy for Music
European Chamber Music Teachers Association
Unison – Croatian Music organisation
Latvian Music Council


The EMC team will be represented at the World Music Expo - WOMEX taking place in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela from October 19 to 23. If you wish to meet us personally, learn more about our work or discuss something specific, come meet us at our booths -1.114 and -1.115. We have teamed up with the European Jazz Network (EJN), the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) and the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF) with stands next to each other to have our own network area at this year's edition of the trade fair. On top of that, we will have our own session as part of the conference programme of WOMEX. During the session we will present our work and discuss with delegates what networks can do to support the music sector in terms of advocacy to the national and international institutions. We look forward to seeing many of you in Spain!

7th European Forum on Music
In 2017, the European Forum on Music will be organised in Pafos (European Capital of Culture). For the first time the European Music Council (EMC) and the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) combine their annual conferences and join forces with their partners in Cyprus for a unique event.
This collaboration will bring together more than 100 representatives of European music organisations representing different music genres and areas of music life, to exchange with each other, be inspired and plan future co-operations.
The European Forum on Music aims to highlight the relevance of music to topics within and beyond European boundaries, including global values and fundamental human rights. The programme will include keynote presentations by experts, panel discussions and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, new perspectives and the professional skills development of participants.
As in previous years, the European Forum on Music will be accompanied by an inspiring, rich and diverse musical programme.
Co-Organizers: European Music Council (EMC), International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

IMC News

African Music Development Programme
The network of relevant institutions in the music and arts sector in Africa still enlarges after almost three years of AMDP activity. By supporting student exchanges across the continent and by offering them internships at numerous music festivals, the students are given the chance to collect working experience on the field. By providing trainings to young professionals in the areas of music management and sound engineering, AMDP ensures an ongoing further education in the branch. Read more about recent training activities here.

MARS – Music And Resilience Support

The project is now entering the second year of activity with the support of the Erasmus + Programme funded by the European Union. During the past year, the MARS partnership built the foundation for the development of the whole project, mainly represented by the four Intellectual Outputs that provide the essential theoretical and methodological resources for its implementation. A new phase has just begun involving the participation of 15 students in the first MARS Online Course. They will develop and improve their skills in psychosocial music interventions in conflict areas and disadvantaged social contexts.
At the same time the project is entering a period of intense public activity to disseminate its results and enlarge the network of professionals and organisations interested in MARS approach. Learn more.

October 1st – International Music Day

This year’s celebrations come under special auspices as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of birth of Yehudi Menuhin, the initiator of IMD in 1975 when he served as President of the IMC. More than ever his words of 1975 resound in our minds: “We hope that this first International Music Day will constitute a major achievement among our activities, and that it will become an annual event for the propagation of greater knowledge of our art, arid for the strengthening of the bonds of peace and friendship between peoples through music.” Let us seize this opportunity to promote the Five Music Rights! Members are invited to share their plans for the celebration of October 1st with the IMC Secretariat.

EU News

The EU Commission presents a set of new copyright measures as part of its Single Market strategy
On September 14, the EU Commission presented a set of proposals on the modernisation of copyright aimed at increasing cultural diversity in Europe and the availability of content online. The two directives, two regulations and accompanying communication have three main priorities: Improving access to content online and across borders, improving copyright rules on research, education and inclusion of disabled people as well as creating a fairer and sustainable marketplace for creators. Especially the proposal for a directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market has been at the centre of attention of the cultural sector and was received with mixed reactions. The Authors’ Group, of which ECSA is a member, has welcomed the proposal as it addresses the key issue of creators’ weak bargaining position in their contractual relationships and fair remuneration in contracts. The open access movement on the other hand has strongly criticised the measures as being protectionist and concessions to the CCI. The most controversial change proposed in the directive is a mandatory EU-wide exception for the use of copyright protected works in an educational, research or preservation of cultural heritage context and for the benefit of people who are blind or have disabilities. It further includes a mandatory exception for text and data mining for research purposes. However, the directive is still in an early stage and subject to review by the European Parliament and Member States. The final version might well differ from its current form.

New call for European cooperation projects published

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), responsible for the management of the Creative Europe programme, has published a new call for cooperation projects on September 27. For the third time since the launch of the funding programme, consortiums of at least 3 or 6 partners (smaller and larger scale projects) from different European countries can apply for grants to co-fund their cultural projects. The main changes from the former two calls are that Turkey has decided to leave the Creative Europe programme. Turkish organisations are therefore not eligible under this call. Israel on the other hand is entitled to participate in the call provided that the country has signed and notified the EU-Israel agreement setting out the arrangements for its participation by the date the award decision of this call is adopted. Finally, the call also encourages projects helping the integration of refugees into the EU to apply for funding. The focus will be on the cross-border exchange of best practices, valuable knowledge and experiences, and practical hands-on action involving refugees as target audiences and/or as actors. The deadline for applications is November 23, 2016. Find the call here. Further calls under the Creative Europe programme, such as the Support to European Networks strand, are expected to follow shortly.

The European Commission has proposed 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

In the proposal published on August 30, the Commission underlines the role of cultural heritage as a central element of the European identity and wishes to draw more attention to the threat it faces in conflict zones. The year would be an opportunity to highlight what the EU can do in the field of conservation, digitisation, infrastructure, research and skills development. Cultural heritage became a priority for the EU as part of the European Agenda for Culture in 2007 and is already included in the Creative Europe programme. The final decision now lies with the European Parliament and the Council. If the proposal is accepted, events will be organised across Europe, as well as information, education and awareness-raising campaigns. Learn more here.

Creative Europe Showcase Conference

On October 27, a conference showcasing the impact of Creative Europe-funded projects will take place at BOZAR – Centre for fine arts in Brussels. The event is an opportunity to learn more about the various projects funded through the Creative Europe programme and engage with the people behind it. The conference will also address the plans for the forthcoming 2018 – European Year of Cultural Heritage. Only little information is available at this point, but the EU Commission has announced it will launch a dedicated website on October 3, accessible here.


UNESCO project to support the development of CCIs in Uganda
A new UNESCO project, carried out with the financial support of the Republic of Korea, will support the development of cultural industries and skills of creative professionals in Uganda. “Creative Industries Development for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Strengthening the sustainability of creative industries in Uganda», launched on 27 July 2016 in Kampala, will support the improvement of creative economy, marketing and management of cultural industries, hoping that this will also lead to poverty reduction in the country. Music is part of the sectors that will benefit from the project.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network summit held in China

From 6 to 8 June 2016 the second summit of UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) took place in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. More than one hundred mayors, experts and members of UNESCO Creative Cities participated at the event, which served as a dialogue platform for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The network also discussed its core priorities, such as international mobility of artists and cultural professionals, new international cooperation models and partnerships, with a view to responding to new economic and infrastructural needs. The 10th annual meeting of the UCCN will take place September 14-16 in Östersund (Sweden) UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. On the agenda of this meeting, the exchange of updated information on activities carried out by cities intended to implement the objectives of the Network both at the local and international level and formulate new inter-city partnership initiatives. Prior to the meeting, the Mid Sweden University in Östersund will organis
e a conference on 12-14 September 2016 titled “Valuing and Evaluating Creativity for Sustainable Regional Development”, designed to support research and evaluation needs of the UCCN.

Sector News

The first African Forum on Music will take place in Segou, Mali on 28 September to 2 October 2016. Organized by the African Music Council and in collaboration with Arterial Network, the African Forum will bring together music industry professionals to discuss key issues facing the music industry across the continent. Following the action plan outlined in the Algiers Declaration in 2008, which called for the promotion of cultural and creative industries in Africa, the African Forum on Music will make an inventory of the various existing platforms on the continent and abroad, and consolidate their achievements to assess their current value. More Info

Decolonising Music - The Music Forum of the Americas

The Music Council of the Three Americas, COMTA, a regional council of the International Music Council, IMC, invites the interested public to attend their regional conference Decolonising Music, a musical gathering of the Americas to be held October 8-10, 2016 at the beautiful new facilities of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music in the capital city of San Juan.
Conference Registration

7 organisations in the music sector have published a statement on the international movement of musical instruments

A consortium of 7 international organisations from the music sector (including EMC members NAMM and FIM) have published a common statement in view of the discussions on the musical instrument certificate (MIC) at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP17). CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants (including products derived from them such as certain musical instruments) does not threaten their survival. In the paper, the signatories underline the need of uniform procedures at borders and internationally harmonised rules on the musical instrument certificates and ask all the parties involved in the discussions on musical instruments at CoP17 to revise the MIC. Read the full statement here.

Member News

Twenty years on. . .
Fiuggi, Italy September 1996: Women musicians from twenty-six countries created and undersigned a document known as the Declaration of Fiuggi setting out primary objectives for women composers. Today the Foundation’s International Honour Committee has 104 members in 43 countries, a network of practitioners and stakeholders in 113 countries and data banks with materials for over 18000 women composers. For information on our work identifying, creating and promoting opportunities for all genres of music composed by women, contact: forum@donneinmusica.org.

The 25th EAS Conference / 6th European ISME Regional Conference with the main theme “JOINT (AD)VENTURE MUSIC – Networking as a challenge for music teachers” will take place at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg (Austria), from 19 to 22 April 2017.
You are kindly invited to participate in the conference. For detailed information (call for papers, registration, etc.) click here.

MusXchange Working Group Meeting for EFNYO Managers & Bootcamp for Musicians
A MusXchange working group meeting for managers and bootcamp for musicians will take place between October 27th to 29th, 2016, in London. The meeting is organised under the guidance of experienced trainers of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in cooperation with Cause 4, a social enterprise for developing innovative and enterpreneurial programmes for charities, social and arts companies. The focus of the three day bootcamp for musicians will be on musical entrepreneurship. Managers' workshops will focus on mentoring, online coaching tools, and interdisciplinary projects.

EMU Capacity Building Seminar “Group Pedagogy & Collaboration with Schools” @ Hvidovre Musikskole, Copenhagen - Denmark 27 - 28 October 2016
Herewith we would like to invite you to register for the new EMU Capacity Building seminar ‘Group Pedagogy & Collaboration with Schools’ with many exciting sessions and wonderful speakers. The seminar will be hosted by and take place at Hvidovre Musikskole.
The seminar will explore group pedagogy from various angles and the topic of collaboration between schools and music schools.
For further information please click here.

European Chamber Music Teachers Association welcomes friends and members to the Autumn Gathering in Tallinn, Estonia, 9-11 December, 2016!
Filled with seminars, masterclasses and concerts, the event introduces keynote speaker, Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür and ensemble-in-residence Yxus Ensemble.
Prof Eugenijus Laurinaitis, Associate Professor of Department of Psychiatry of Vilnius University, will give a workshop related to chamber music - "Relationship, Emotions and Values in Group Dynamic – Implications for Teaching." The Autumn Gathering of the ECMTA is hosted by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

From 10 to 13 August, REMA, the European Early Music Network organised its summer members’ meeting in Bruges, hosted by MAfestival and the Concertgebouw.
On that occasion, Belgian ensembles were invited for a session in which they could present musical projects, followed by speedmeetings with members of REMA, concert promoters from all over Europe. The event was organised in cooperation with the Flanders Arts Institute and Wallonie-Bruxelles-Musiques, and was followed by a common reception.

The National Youth Jazz Orchestra of the UK (NYJO), the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Germany (BuJazzO) and Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest of the Netherlands (NJJO) are planning a major joint project in September 2016 to celebrate the ideas of freedom and partnership of Europe’s youth and to lay the foundations of a pan-European youth jazz community. From September 19 until 23 NYJO, BuJazzO and NJJO will rehearse at the Academy of music in Heek. Concerts will follow in Heek (22.9.), Düsseldorf (23.9.), Dortmund (24.9.) and Amsterdam (25.9.). A concert tour in the UK is scheduled for March/April 2017.

New cooperation between the German Music Council (GMC) and the China Youth Music Competition

The GMC with his most famous project “Jugend musiziert” consults the Chinese team to establish a similar competition. The first contest has taken place in Beijing in July 2016. Members of the directory of the GMC and the project have been present in Beijing to consult. 8 young Chinese musicians were invited to Germany in September 2016. They had a chamber music workshop and concerts in different cities in Germany such as Wolfsburg, in the Beethoven-Haus Bonn as well as in the residence of the German Federal President Joachim Gauck in Berlin. In the end of September the German musicians will visit China to play in the German Embassy and open air.

International Television Festival Golden Prague
29-30 September 2016 / Prague, Czech Republic

Get exclusive feedback from professional dance filmmakers and work hands-on with experts in their field! Present your project and learn about the latest clues in production and marketing!
Professionalisation skills are taught in talks and discussions looking at artistic, technical and financial challenges. Interactive sequences will make you exchange your knowledge with other participants. Further information here.

International music conference: YAMsession 2016
YAMsession is an annual event for creative professionals working in the field of young audiences development through music. This year the event will take place on 25-27 October in Larvik, Norway. Join us there to meet experts, enjoy the best music productions of the year, share knowledge and ideas with professionals in the young audiences development. The conference program includes Music Showcases, Speakers, the YAMawards Ceremony and the Producers Forum. Registrations are open! Find all the information here.

Scottish Music Centre (SMC) actively promotes Scotland’s musical community locally, nationally and internationally.
This summer we have been busy with our role for the international Made In Scotland showcase, part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This scheme connects Scottish artists and bookers from across the globe by providing a platform for acts to be seen amongst the crowd.
The SMC also took part in Glasgow’s Merchant City Festival, hosting performances of live musicians and curating a display of archival material.

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