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2013 is a very special year for the EMC as we are celebrating a double anniversary: the 40 + 10 anniversary. The EMC celebrated this event with a reception in the frame of a board meeting in Bonn. A very special guest at the reception was the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. You can read all about the reception and this highly intriguing educational project in this newsletter.
But there is much more to report on. The new EMC Youth Committee held its first meeting in Bonn and laid the foundations for its work for the next two years.
Please mark the dates for the 4th European Forum on Music in your calendars which will take place from 19 – 22 June 2014, in Bern, Switzerland with the overall theme "Music & Politics: A shared responsibility".
Also in this newsletter you will find news concerning cultural policy on EU level, UNESCO and, last but not least, there is the member news section with many highly interesting updates on current events, projects, conferences etc.
We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter,
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EMC News

The EMC celebrated its 40 + 10 anniversary in Bonn
In 2003, ten years ago, the EMC was registrated under German law as an association (e.V.) based in Bonn, Germany. Furthermore, roughly 40 years ago, the origins of the EMC were laid out with the foundation of the regional group for Europe of the International Music Council (IMC). To celebrate this, the EMC organised a reception at its office in the Haus der Kultur in Bonn, Germany in the frame of a board meeting. Short speeches were held by Stef Coninx, Chair of the EMC and Director of the Flanders Music Centre, Jürgen Nimptsch, Mayor of the City of Bonn, Dr. Stephan Koppelberg, Head of the regional representation of the European Commission in Bonn and Brian Rothschild, Co-Founder/Executive Director of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus was the EMC's special guest on this occasion. The bus is a HD video recording and production facility and during its stop in Bonn two workshops with pupils from Bonn were held. The Bus will be constantly touring Europe and is always on the lookout for potential hosts. Click here to learn more about the project. Find some photos of the reception here.

Save the date for the 4th European Forum on Music: 19 – 22 June 2014
The next EMC annual conference will take place in 2014 from 19 – 22 June in the Swiss capital of Bern. In cooperation with the Swiss Music Council and the Yehudi Menuhin Forum Bern, the Forum will evolve around the theme "Music & Politics: A shared responsibility". Inspired by the host country, the 4th European Forum on Music will explore what Europe can learn from Switzerland, the so-called “nation of will” ("Willensnation"). The widely acclaimed slogan “unity in diversity” is claimed by both the European Union and Switzerland as one of their main characteristics. What does this diversity look like? What are the challenges of it? And how is this diversity reflected in Europe?
More information available soon at www.emc-imc.org/efm

First EMC Youth Committee meeting
The EMC Youth Committee that was elected in April in Glasgow held its first meeting in Bonn 21 - 22 September 2013. The committee is proud to announce that Cathy Al-Ghabra (European Choral Association) has been elected as its Chairperson and Christopher Glasgow (Scottish Music Centre) as its Vice-Chair. The Youth Committee will carry on the work of their predecessors on the Make Music! Be Heard! project, the Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe and more.

Bonn Declaration for Music Education in Europe
Call for Proposals "How can singing belong to everyone?"

The International Symposium on Singing in Music Education 23 - 27 April, 2014 - Budapest, Hungary is a conference in the context of the European Music Council's Bonn Declaration for Music Education in Europe. The Bonn Declaration was drafted in May 2011 and reflects common focal points for the development of music education in Europe. It is available in English and German. The Symposium will focus on different music education approaches that involve singing, including a strong focus on how the Kodály concept can still be used despite the fact that basic conditions have changed. The Symposium will gather experts from Europe and all over the world who can present and demonstrate how they use various music education methods, including the Kodály concept.
The Artistic Committee of the Symposium has launched an open call for submissions of proposals to the sub-themes and their respective streams. Submission deadline: 15 November 2013.

IMC News

The 5th International Music Council (IMC) World Forum on Music
The Forum will take place 21 – 24 November 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. Co-organised by the Music Council of Australia and Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, the programme features sessions that seek to engage rather than merely inform, choosing creative and innovative formats to highlight key issues in contemporary musical life globally. Running alongside the forum programme, a diverse performance programme will feature some of Australia’s most prominent well-known artists, as well as international artists, in genres including popular music, Asian music, African music, classical music, art music, jazz and many more. Registration is still open for everyone interested in being part of this memorable event: http://worldforumonmusic.org/.

Cultural Policy

EACEA Call for experts
The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) has issued a call for expressions of interest for the establishment of a list of experts to assist the EACEA in the framework of the management of European Union programmes in the field of education, audiovisual, culture, youth, sport, EU aid volunteers, and citizenship or any other programmes delegated to the Agency.
The call for expressions of interest is open for the lifetime of the programmes managed by the Agency, i.e. until 31.12.2020.
More information here: http://bit.ly/14YoT4K

Public consultation on the "Experience Economy" as an emerging industry
The overall aim of this consultation is to better understand the relevance of setting up specific policy initiatives related to the “Experience Economy” and how to support the development of new industrial value chains.
Through this consultation the European Commission aims at collecting stakeholders' views on: how to better define the "Experience Economy"; how strong the interactions between related industries are, notably cultural and creative industries, leisure and sport, tourism, entertainment and eco-industries; which actors contribute to shape it and what drives and hinders its further development and the transformation process across various sectors.
All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation until 31 October 2013: http://bit.ly/16QXZNp

TTIP negotiations to be continued after the end of the US administration shutdown
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade agreement that is presently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States aimed at removing trade barriers in a wide range of economic sectors to make it easier to buy and sell goods and services between the EU and the US. Among others, the European Platform on the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries, of which the EMC is a member, explicitly demanded the exclusion of cultural and audiovisual services from the negotiations in order to protect the diversity of cultural expressions in Europe. The European Commission has agreed to this for now but explicitly reserves the right to re-include the cultural and audiovisual services in the upcoming negotiations, though this would require the consent of the EU member states. The EMC will keep a close watch on whether this comittment will be kept and report on further developments. Read the EMC's statement on this situation issued earlier this year here.

The Declaration of Hangzhou
The International Congress "Culture: Key to Sustainable Development" was held in Hangzhou (China), 15 - 17 May 2013. This was the first International Congress specifically focusing on the links between culture and sustainable development. As such, the Congress was the first global forum to discuss the role of culture in sustainable development in view of the post-2015 framework.
Under the leadership of UNESCO and China, the Declaration of Hangzhou defines new approaches which fully acknowledge the role of culture as a system of values and a resource and framework to build truly sustainable development, the need to draw from the experiences of past generations, and the recognition of culture as part of the global and local commons as well as a wellspring for creativity and renewal.

Ensure Creativity remains a UNESCO priority

UNESCO has been busy analyzing and ranking the areas of its work by priority. The Creativity programme, within which arts education falls, was ranked at the very bottom of UNESCO's 48 priority areas and is at risk of being eliminated. If this happens, UNESCO's invaluable work in this area, including the Road Map for Arts Education, the World Conferences for Arts Education, the International Arts Education week, and all the other projects related to both arts education and creativity in the broadest sense, will be terminated and will no longer receive support. However, no final decision has been taken yet. When the Member States meet at the November General Conference of UNESCO, they will be the ultimate decision makers. Click here for more information and to sign the petition requesting that UNESCO keeps Creativity and Arts Education as a fundamental priority within its work: http://bit.ly/1a9PYOC

Athens panel debates way forward for Greek public broadcaster
On 11 October, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) held a special session of the EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly in Athens that addressed the closure of ERT and the establishment of a new public broadcaster in Greece. The speakers included Pantelis Kapsis, Greek Minister for Public Radio and Television and Dr. Theodore Fortsakis, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of NERIT (the proposed state-owned public broadcaster and successor of ERT). All panellists agreed that the way ERT was shut down was wrong. Still the future of the musical ensembles remains uncertain. Read more about this panel here.

After a government decree, the Greek Public Broadcaster (ERT) was shut down on 11 June. This also affects the three Music Ensembles of the ERT: the National Symphony Orchestra, the Contemporary Music Orchestra and the Choir. The EMC issued a statement on this situation shortly after. The former ERT employees had continued broadcasting a makeshift schedule of news and talk shows with the help of EBU who accessed the stream and re-transmitted it via satellite, to give Europe’s public service media access to the news content on television.

Sector News

Actors of Urban Change programme
Actors of Urban Change is a Europe-wide pilot programme by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with MitOst e.V. It aims to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities. This is carried out by strengthening the competencies for cross-sector collaboration among actors from the cultural scene, the administration, and the private sector. Using culture as a tool, the projects might address a broad range of social, political and environmental challenges related to urban change.
On a local level, the teams receive support for the implementation of their joint projects through grants and customized coaching. On an international level, they benefit from further qualification through workshops, seminars, peer-learning sessions and field trips during meetings and shadowing internships with teams from different cities, allowing for Europe-wide exchange and networking.
More details available at www.actors-of-urban-change.eu The application deadline is 27 October 2013.

Safe Havens for Artists at Risk – A Nordic Perspective
On 11 – 12 November 2013 a meeting of Nordic experts on artistic freedom of speech will take place at the Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö, Sweden to consolidate the growing movement of providing safe havens for censored and oppressed cultural workers. The meeting is arranged by The Swedish Arts Council in collaboration with ICORN, PEN, Freemuse, Safemuse, Freedimensional, Scholars at Risk, Reporters without Borders and the city of Malmö and is part of the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Attendance is free of charge but limited, so it is advisable to book a place as soon as possible.
Sign up for the conference at: safehavens@artscouncil.se
For more information contact: fredrik.elg@kulturradet.se

Member News

The 14th Arthur Rubinstein International Master Piano Competition (13 – 29 May 2014), will celebrate its 40th anniversary!
As one the foremost piano competitions in the world, The Arthur Rubinstein Competition has fostered some exceptional musicians: Emmanuel Ax, Eugen Indjic, Gerhard Oppitz, Kiryll Gerstein, Igor Tchetuev, Alexander Gavrylyuk and Daniil Trifonov. Registration for the upcoming competition is currently in full swing. Age limit: 18-32. Application deadline is 1 November 2013. For more details regarding applications, please follow this link: http://www.arims.org.il/reg

43rd CIOFF® World Congress
The 43rd World Congress of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF) will take place in Zacatecas, Mexico from 26 October to 2 November 2013 under the High Patronage of the Director General of UNESCO. The integral part of the Congress is the CIOFF Cultural Conference, which will be dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
New CIOFF Book Published / Folklore Songs of Children of the World
CIOFF International announces the publication of a new book, Folklore Songs of Children of the World. Published on the 10th Anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, it includes 124 songs from 56 countries. Songs include musical scores with lyrics both in the original languages and translated into English. For more information about CIOFF please visit www.cioff.org

Martin Maria Krüger received the Federal Cross of Merit
On Friday 4 October, the Federal President Joachim Gauck awarded Prof. Martin Maria Krüger, President of the German Music Council, the Federal Cross of Merit 1. Class. The bestowal of this award took place on the occasion of the German Unification Day and recognises Martin Maria Krüger's engagement for music and cultural life in Germany over the decades. Further information on Prof. Martin Maria Krüger available here (in German only): http://bit.ly/17MCrz5

EAS Conference 21 - 24 May 2014, Cyprus
The University of Nicosia, Cyprus, is hosting the 22nd Conference of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS) which is taking taking place from 21 – 24 May 2014. The theme of the conference is ‘Every learner counts, democracy and inclusion in music education in the 21st century’.
The conference aims to gather an array of international scholars, researchers, graduate students, teachers and practitioners to discuss democracy, diversity and inclusiveness in the context of music education in schools. There will be debates, keynotes, paper and poster presentations, workshops and concerts.
The conference seeks to encourage and stimulate discussion in regards to questions like: What do we mean by “music education for all”? Who are our learners? What are their needs? What obstacles do they face in their learning and how do we deal with these?
Keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Lucy Green, Institute of Education, University of London, UK; Prof. Dr. Mary Koutselini, University of Cyprus and Prof. Dr. Adam Ockelford, University of Roehampton, UK

Call for papers is still open (until 1 November). For more details about the conference see: www.eas-music.org

A voice for vocal training:
How are choirs and schools in Europe working together to make singing a valuable and fun experience for both children and their teachers? Koor & Stem (BE) gathered 113 inspiring examples from all over Europe and described 30 of them in detail, presenting a wide range of approaches. Their secret to success? Among others: good methods and resources, a mix of theory and practical exercises for (future) teachers, quality support from specialists and close partnerships between different organisations in communities. The complete report has been published on www.koorenstem.be/avoiceforvocaltraining
International festival Hearts in Harmony

The Hearts in Harmony Festival in Antwerp on 29 - 30 November 2013 presents various inclusive international and Flemish singing projects in which to take part. In workshops, lectures and performances you can experience how singing together can bridge gaps between people with and without disabilities. Special attention is paid to people with a hearing impairment and to people with dementia. The organiser is Koor & Stem, the organisation for choirs and vocal music in Flanders. See the full programme at www.heartsinharmony.be/en

EFA FestFlash newsletter 2/2013: “Festival Bytes: Festivals, Art and Technologies”
The FestFlash newsletter of the European Festivals Association (EFA) invites you on a journey through the world of festivals! The latest edition looked at a variety of festival projects related to technology in the arts, and included news from the Edinburgh International Festival; the Izmir International Festival; the London International Festival of Theatre; the Ljubljana Festival; the Bergen International Festival; and the Music Biennale Zagreb. Sign up for EFA’s newsletter here!

European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (EFNYO) General Assembly 4 – 7 December 2013 in Vienna, Austria
Next to membership issues the meeting will focus on “Challenges for orchestras in the 21st century” and “Musicians and entrepreneurial skills”. Among the guest speakers will be ex-musicians from EFNYO orchestras, leaders of innovative music ensembles, and experts on musicians’ coaching and career planning.
EFNYO’s successful pilot project “MusXchange” in its second cycle
With the support of the EU Commission, EFNYO launched the successful musicians’ exchange project “MusXchange”. The programme enables young musicians to gain orchestra practice in other EFNYO orchestras thereby increasing their mobile skills and international network. The second cycle running from May 2012 to April 2014 has already seen 110 exchanges. Further information at www.efnyo.org.

Women in Music Uniting Strategies for Talent (WIMUST) annual general meeting
The WIMUST annual general meeting took place in Fiuggi Città, near Rome, 5 - 6 July. More than fifty women, composers and musicologists from organisations all across Europe came together to discuss an urgent topic: the underrepresentation of women, and their music in the performing arts. In Europe women represent over 50% of the work force in this field, but 89% of European cultural Institutions are run by men. In order to overcome female underrepresentation in music, in 2009, the European Parliament introduced a resolution for “Access and Equal Opportunities for Women in Performing Arts”, that has not been implemented by any Member State. In 2011 WIMUST was set up to help to change all of this and in 2012 launched a petition to encourage countries to assume the 2009 resolution. For more information see: http://www.donneinmusica.org/wimust/
The WIMUST Conference eBook collects all the documents presented during the WIMUST meeting and is available for download here.
ControCanto with music by women composers
From 22 October to 23 December the Foundation presents its annual concert series “ControCanto” with music by women composers. Divided into three sections – “Incontri con le Compositrici” , “Donne in Jazz” and “Natale in Musica”, this year’s programme presents 67 concerts, music by over 100 women from 25 different countries including 15 especially commissioned works. Guest artists come from Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands and the USA. Information: forum@donneinmusica.org
The online Encyclopaedia of living European Women Composers

Work continues on the preparation of the online Encyclopaedia of living European Women Composers, Songwriters and Creators of Music, for which contributions are most welcome (Guidelines from forum@donneinmusica.org). At the time of writing there are entries for over 4000 women and it is expected that this number will be doubled by the end of this year.

The 66th International Accordion Competition "Coupe Mondiale" was held in Victoria, Canada 17 - 24 August.
The Coupe Mondiale is the most important annual event organised by the International Confederation of Accordionists. This year there were 73 candidates from 25 countries. At the same time the Coupe Mondiale is a forum for the General Assembly as well as an important meeting point for exhibitions, publications and new compositions. In 2014 the Coupe Mondiale will be held in Salzburg, Austria at the end of October.
In the near future "The World Accordion Day" will be a major event, which can be seen via online streaming on 6 May, 2014. The idea is to move during 24 hours from one time zone to another, beginning from New Zealand and Australia over Asia and Europe, and finishing on the US west cost. The WAD will be directed from the CIA headquarter in Ikaalinen, Finland. Further Information at http://www.accordions.com/cia

ISCM World New Music Days 2013 
The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is a premier forum for the advancement, dissemination and interchange of new music from around the world. The annual ISCM World New Music Days festival is the principle vehicle through which the mission is pursued. Organized each year by a different host, the festival presents music from the member sections. The next festival will take place in Slovakia and Austria from 4 - 14 November 2013. More information here: www.iscmwnmd2013.org 

YAMA Award 2013: Online Vote
Between 1 October and 1 November this year's 8 nominees for the YAMA Award will be displayed on the official website where the public can cast their vote to choose their favourite production. The Young Audiences Music Awards (YAMA) honours creativity and innovation in the field of musical productions for young audiences, from all corners of the world! www.yama-award.com

YAM Session
1 – 3 November 2013 in Brussels

The Young Audiences Music (YAM) Session 2013 is an industry specific event for producers of young audiences music productions from around the world. At this 3 day event producers and young audiences professionals will get to experience 3 unique events rolled into one: The Young Audiences Music Awards, The YAM Producers Forum and The Big Bang Festival for young audiences. Deadline for registrations: 1 November.

World Youth Choir: Global Auditions
September – December 2013
The choir is looking for 80 talented young singers around the world for to join its ranks for its 25th Anniversary Session which will take place in July 2014 in Croatia. The auditions are free of charge, please check the official website for more details. Deadline: 31 December 2013. www.worldyouthchoir.org

Plate-Forme Intérregionale's Diversity of Singing Practices in Europe
Plate-Forme Interrégionale (PFI) launches its new partnership project Diversity of Singing Practices in Europe (DSPE) with 11 partners from 7 European countries.The main objective of this partnership consists in collecting and sharing the diversity of European singing practices through exchange, training, documentation and dissemination of diverse European singing experiences, including the study of multiple singing cultures and non-formal training programmes at all levels and for specific target groups of all vocal styles, with the goal of enriching local practice by learning from each other, and encouraging a European-wide exchange of current practices. A detailed programme will be published soon. More information can be found in English and French on the PFI website.

Superact wins Royal Society Award for Public Health Arts research
Superact, the UK based arts CIC has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society for Public Health Arts and Health Research Award 2013 for its Musical Pathways programme. Funded by the Big Lottery Research Programme, the project began in 2011 and has seen Superact’s professional musicians enter a range of youth justice settings to work with young offenders. Focusing on creative expression and teaching ‘soft skills’ it is hoped the programme will help ensure more young offenders return to education and employment.

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