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Sounds in Europe #8 now published

The 8th edition of the European Music Council's (EMC) annual magazine, Sounds in Europe, has been published. The EMC has been editing the magazine since 2005. It provides detailed background information on European cultural policy and topics of special interest for the music sector. The latest edition of the magazine focuses on “Music – A Public Affair?!”. It provides diverse articles on the topic as well as project presentations of EMC members to the topic.
You can read the online version of the magazine or order a printed copy (5€ including postage & packing worldwide) here.
The overall topic of this issue “Music – A Public Affair?!” allowed the inclusion of a wide range of approaches. The broad spectrum of topics covered in the articles from the EMC member organisations reflect the diversity of the areas of activity they are engaged in; among others the current edition covers the following issues:
  • The societal aspect (why funding for music is a public duty)
  • Community projects (e.g. reaching out to diverse audiences)
  • Education (e.g. measures aimed to enhance access and quality)
  • EU policies on culture and music
  • Cities (e.g. musical and cultural projects with a distinct impact)

This edition of Sounds in Europe includes articles that point at areas in which political decision-makers need to take action but also articles describing best practice examples.
An introductory note by Doris Pack (Chair of the Culture Committee of the EU Parliament) as well as an interview with representatives of the EU Commission give a political viewpoint on the topic “Music – A Public Affair?!”.
Furthermore, the magazine attempts to provide a map that demonstrates how the different countries of Europe support music through legislative measures in addition to the general public funding for music. The map is not yet complete and we wish to continuously up-date it.
As Sounds in Europe demonstrates, the European Music Council stands for the right of all musical cultures to coexist and for a better mutual understanding among peoples from different cultures. The EMC is the umbrella organisation for musical life in Europe and provides exceptional value to its membership by building knowledge, creating networking opportunities as well as supporting and enhancing the visibility of initiatives that help sustain people’s participation in music and cultural life. As a regional group of the International Music Council, the EMC also operates on an international level.

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