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News from Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen

Flat Nine, the Royal Conservatory/School of Arts Ghent organised TUNES - a jazz night. April 30 was International Jazz Day

In November 2011, during the UNESCO General Conference, the international community proclaimed April 30 as "International Jazz Day". It’s the first major initiative led by recently appointed UNESCO goodwill ambassador Herbie Hancock.

The Day was intended to raise awareness in the international community of the virtues of jazz as an educational tool, and a force for peace, unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation among people.

So, this April 30, the Royal Conservatory/School of Arts Ghent and Flat Nine took over the streets and nightlife of downtown Ghent. ‘TUNES a Jazz Night’,was a welcoming embrace to the UNESCO International Jazz Day. Downtown Ghent is the place to be: the unique combination of the many venues, clubs and pubs, festivals and the active and vivid jazz scene made it the perfect location for this initiative.

It all began with a genuine street parade. “Die Verdammte Spielerei” led  through many picturesque streets of Ghent framed by a lecture performance on “how to listen to jazz” by Maarten Weyler.

Jazz Street Parade! Strolling along the streets of downtown Gent, led by Die Verdammte Spielerei

Lecture Performance: How To Listen To Jazz? Learn more about improvisation and ensemble playing in jazz

Jazz At the Clubs: enjoy the 12 free concerts at different venues in the city, starting at different times

After jam! Enjoy our final party at the Trefpunt!

Flat Nine and the Royal Conservatory/School of Arts Ghent joined forces for this unique TUNES event. Weekly, Flat Nine, organised jam sessions in downtown Ghent. Doing this, they created a platform for students, former students and teachers of the Royal Conservatory/School of Arts Ghent.

To learn more about TUNES, visit schoolofarts.be/tunes
To learn more about International Jazz Day, visit www.unesco.org

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