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CAE Newsletter - EU Elections special Edition

The 2014 European elections will be the first to take place after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, with the most important change being that the EP will, from now on, have a say in the designation of the future President of the European Commission. Indeed, the European political parties have pledged to name their candidate for the Commission presidency. The chosen politician will then seek backing in his/her own country, following a pattern similar to that of national elections. More than ever, the votes in the European elections can make a difference…
The 2014 European elections take place in a complex and sensitive context strongly characterized by fast-spreading mistrust in the European institutions and on the very idea of a European Union. The political consequence of this might be that anti?European and xenophobic forces, instead of continuing to be marginal in the European Parliament, gain real political power.
In the newsletter you will find their advocacy toolkit and manifesto on the elections as well as links to several other resources to help you get involved.

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