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CALL FOR ENTRIES - European Talent Competition at SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0

EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD at SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0 · 03-06 November, 2011
SoundTrack_Cologne again awards the prize for the best creation of a soundtrack to a short film for young upcoming composers in the categories FILMSCORE and SOUNDDESIGN – the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD.
For the first time composers and sounddesigners will have to work together. Entries that are not the result of a cooperation between composer and sounddesigner will be rejected! (Exception: One artist or a team doing both). Everybody (every team member) has to apply for the competition him/herself. Entry deadline for the competition is 02 October 2011.
SoundTrack_Cologne will continue the successful co-operation of the last six years with the WDR as part of the EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION. In 2011 the winner of the FILM SCORE category will once again have the opportunity to record his or her own compositions with the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne - for many young European composers this is the first chance to record a kind of film music business card with a major orchestra.
Further there will be awarded a prize for the best SOUNDDESIGN. The prize for this category is a two day final mix down for a short film at a German recording studio, including the Dolby Digital License.
The twelve finalists will present their work to the jury and the audience. The prize will be awarded at the official gala on 05 November 2011. The entry form, terms and conditions of the competition can be found on www.soundtrackcologne.de, after the registration the film can be downloaded.
For the EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION, applicants have to create a new soundtrack to a short movie provided by SoundTrack_Cologne in order to participate in the categories FILM SCORE and SOUND DESIGN. This year we are proud to provide a short film by Jan-Peter Meier: „Monsieur Noir and the monsters from the basement“. In this years competition, sounddesign and music have to be equal parts in the composition, either produced as a cooperation between a composer an a sounddesigner or by one participant doing both.
Students of music and sound at European colleges and young creative professionals up to the age of 30 are entitled to participate. To apply, or for more information go to www.soundtrackcologne.de. A review of the competition in 2008 can be found on the ARTE website www.arte.tv/de/film/Kurzschluss/12-November-2008/2284006.html.
SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0 · 03-06 November 2011 · Kölnischer Kunstverein and Gloria Theater, Cologne

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