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Culture Platforms

In March the European Commission has published a “Call for expression of interest” to participate in the culture sector platforms. The platforms were installed as a first step to implement the European agenda for culture and form part of the overall communication strategy of the agenda.

The aim of the platforms is to strengthen the voice of the culture sector and to enhance the structured dialogue between the culture sector and the political field (EU institutions and member states). Parallel to the dialogue within the culture sector the member states communicate through the Open Method of Coordination.

The European Commission has installed a website with FAQ concerning the platforms: ec.europa.eu/culture/our-policy-development/doc1238_en.htm

From 4 to 6 June the EU Commission invited selected organisation to participate in the first meeting of the platforms. The European Music Council attended all three meetings.

The three platforms are:

  • Rainbow Platform (already installed in 2006 by EFAH and ECF)
  • Access to Culture
  • Potential of Creative Industries

Aims of the Platforms
(as formulated by the EU Commission in the “Call for expression of interest”)

  • Complement existing consultation processes (such as online consultations, public hearings etc.) or specific sectoral dialogues carried out on specific EC policy or regulatory initiatives;
  • Encourage the various components of the cultural sector to work in a more trans-sectoral way and to better structure and organise itself at EU level;
  • Help the cultural sector to formulate recommendations with a view to contributing to the development of a political Agenda for Culture in Europe;
  • Provide opportunities for these recommendations to be regularly presented to the European Commission and the Members States in the frame of the Cultural Forum.

Download the complete report on the three meetings here.

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