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Music Freedom Day 2014

Get ready for Monday 3 March 2014 — the annual Music Freedom Day where freedom of musical expression is celebrated and discussed in countries all over the world.

The Music Freedom Day is a powerful, united manifestation to support persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned musicians, many of whose only crime has only been that they have spoken up against authorities and insisted on the right to express themselves through their music.

The day will be marked with events, seminars, exhibitions, film shows, radio programmes and newspaper articles on the subject of freedom of expression for musicians.

Fantastic support from musicians and fans world-wide
Musicians and composers rights’ to freedom of expression are violated worldwide, but the strong support for Music Freedom Day every year demonstrates the will to continue the advocacy and defence for the universal rights to compose, perform and take part in musical expressions.

An incredible amount of energy, enthusiasm and creativity is being channelled into this annual celebration of freedom of musical expression.

How to join?!

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