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News from Brussels - Special Edition Cannes 2015

Edition 52 – May 2015 - ECSA

European Film Music Day - A German focus

Music and cinema have always had a magic relationship and the collaborative work of film directors and composers was vibrantly discussed at the European Film Music Day 2015 in Cannes.

On the occasion of the 68th Cannes Film Festival,the collaborative power film directors and composers share,was discussed by composer and renowned pianist Jean Michel Bernard together with Céline Sciamma, director of the acclaimed movie 'Bandedefilles' which was nominated for both lux prize and a César.

This year's event had a German focus and also presented round-tables on films from Germany and Austria.

The event was concluded with a cocktail receptionat the Pantièropavillon and was attended by Virginie Rozière ,French MEP and member of the Social and Democrats group.Mrs. Rozière discussed current affairs related to the EU review of the copyright acquis with composers and film directors. It was once again emphasized that the cultural sector is Europe's greatest assetand cannot be left at themercy of gigantic internet companies.

The European Film Music Day was jointly organized by ECSA, FERA, the Directors' Fortnight, SoundtrackCologne and FNAC and attracted more than 300 participants.

Conference on the Future of Copyright

The French ministry of culture hosted the conference "Future of Copyrigh t in Europe: Culture and Digital Single Market" in Cannes on 17th May.The event was attended by high-level representatives of the audio-visual and the broader cultural sector, as well as by the Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls and EU Commissioner Oettinger. Issues discussed were the upcoming EU modernisation of copyright law,territoriality, geo-blocking and online piracy.

Commissioner Oettinger addressed the necessity to build a Europe an digital single market in order to remain competitive towards other parts of the world. It was stressed that" one European copyright "is needed to establish the European sovereignty andauthority. Oettinger's comments regarding the role and legitimacy of publishers and producers incontrary to the obvious need to protect authors raised concern and protest by the conference participants. Commissioner Oettinger also noted that in his opinion public education could be, at least partly, exempted from copyright protection. France Prime Minister Manuel Valls concluded the conference with a strong statement and affirmation that France will always defend creation and copyright andt hat fighting for copyright is essential as it is a legal mechanism to protect the artists and the economy.

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