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Platform for Intercultural Europe News # March 2012

4th European Forum: "Participation and Citizenship - Can Cultural Institutions in Europe lead the way? Should they?" 5/6th June 2012 Espace Magh, Brussels, Belgium

This event will explore cultural participation as an element of “active citizenship” and ask what role cultural institutions play. If cultural democracy requires a full polyphonic representation of social and ethnic diversity, are public cultural institutions the needed spaces for encounter and interaction? Do public policies help cultural institutions launch significant intercultural processes, outreach and organisational re-invention?

Some programme headlines:

  • Meeting and Creating Audience Expectations in an Age of Super-Diversity
  • Engaging with Citizens: Good Practice in the Museum World
  • Responding To Immediate Diversity Challenges: Can Culture Help?
  • Cultural Diversity In Cultural Institutions: Researching And Benchmarking Commitments

See the draft programme !

This Forum will bring together academics, cultural practitioners and NGO activitist who work for interculturalism. It takes place in the context of the Platform for Intercultural Europe’s involvement in the Structured Dialogue between the EU with Civil Society.

The Forum will be followed by the General Assembly of Members (non-members interested in membership can attend it as guests).

The European Commission will kindly sponsor our annual meeting once more with the use of their premises and catering on the second day, some travel subsidies for members and the registration management. Interpretation between English and French will be available on the second day for a limited number of people (‘chuchotage’).


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