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Press Release ECSA July 2012

ECSA welcomes Commissioner Barnier’s proposal for a directive on collective rights management societies

Collective Rights Management Societies are crucial for composers and songwriters and ECSA fully supports their role as aggregators of authors' rights. Properly managed societies protect the interests of music writers and ensure that composers and songwriters are remunerated for the exploitation of their musical works. ECSA welcomes the initiative to establish a framework intended to facilitate the re-aggregation of repertoires and to strive for highest efficiency and governance standards in the licensing of musical rights and looks forward to cooperating closely with EU institutions in this important matter.

About ECSA

Founded in 2007, the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ESCA) comprises 41 music writers’ associations from 28 European countries and speaks for approximately 14.000 composers and songwriters. The main objective of the alliance is to defend and promote the rights of authors of music by any legal means and to strive to improve social and economic development of music creation in Europe.www.composeralliance.org 


Patrick Ager, ECSA Secretary General

Elzbieta Kubok, ECSA Executive Assistant

Phone: + 32 2544 0333

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