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REMA's February news!

sentir uscir dalle ferrate porte
Sirocco, Bora e tutti i venti in guerra
quest'è 'l verno, ma tal, che gioja apporte.

We feel the chill north winds coursing through the home house
despite the locked and bolted doors...
but this is winter, which nonetheless brings its own delights.

50 participants, 3 new members, 4 concerts, 3 projects presentations, unique manuscripts, amazing working-groups sessions, the awards for Emma Kirkby and the Tagliavini Collection, tons of new energy and inspiring ideas for the future: the cultural effervescence and team spirit of Malta are still fresh in our minds (if only we had the same blue sky here in Paris...) and give us added momentum for the coming months!

The European Day of Early Music is approaching: have you already registered your event on earlymusicday.eu?
We need your active cooperation to make this event even bigger!
You can share our posts and our videos on Facebook, you can help us sending the press releases, you can put us in contact with your national media and... Please remember to use the graphics we prepared for you!

If you are broadcasting an event on Facebook, please let us know before the 21st of February so we can help organise the best promotion. Last year we had more than 90.000 views and we are sure that this year we can get even more!
It's easy, feel free to ask us for more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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