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In December last year Rui Dias joined the Composers published by the MIC.PT and this is one of the reasons to dedicate the In Focus section to this musician born in 1974, who is also teacher and coordinator of the Electronic Music and Music Production Course at the Superior School of Applied Arts at the Polytechnic Institute in Castelo Branco. Presently Rui Dias also attends the doctoral programme in digital media, UT Austin / Portugal. He studied at the Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatoire in Braga and graduated from composition at the Superior School of Music, Arts and Performance in Porto, as well as made his master's in multimedia at the Porto University. While still at the Gulbenkian Conservatoire, Rui Dias' relation with music "was leaning (...) towards a more creative and complex approach, than the one that an instrument student usually develops. I started to have more and more awareness that the ability and need to compose had always been present, and composition came to be a logical continuation of my career."

In his production it is necessary to emphasize the close relation with technology and computer music, thus his "artistic and professional career is unavoidably connected with electroacoustic music and developmnet of music software." In this context Rui Dias has recently composed the acousmatic piece Big Bend for a 24-channel system. It was premiered in the framework of the CARA Ano Zero project. "The exploration of timbre has always been one of the main elements that most interested me in composition. It is one of my main points of interest in electroacoustic music creation, and in the search for different mixed and instrumental combinations", reveals the composer in the questionnaire/interview published in April in the MIC.PT In Focus section.


Fernando C. Lapa's Semana Profana by the Contratempus Quartet Following the concerts in February and March, the work Semana profana by Fernando C. Lapa will have more performances by the Contratempus Quartet in April and May - on April 23 at the Sá de Miranda Theatre in Viana do Castelo, and on April 30 at the Coimbra Conservatoire, as well as on May 30 at the Vilarinha Theatre in Porto. These performances dedicated exclusively to Portuguese music include not only the work by this composer published by the MIC.PT, with text by Regina Guimarães and staging by António Durães, but also the opera buffa A Querela dos Grilos with the music of Fátima Fonte and libretto by Tiago Schwäbl. Founded at the Superior School of Music, Arts and Performance in Porto the Contratempus Quartet has an uncommon instrumental set - soprano, clarinet, cello and piano. The musicians intend to overcome the academic barriers, being dedicated to the performance of contemporary music, with focus on Portuguese creation.

Premieres at the New Music Encounters in Vila do Conde

The second concert in the framework of the New Music Encounters in Vila do Conde, with artistic direction by Eduardo Luís Patriarca, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be taking place on April 26 at 4h30 p.m. at the Salão Nobre of the Vila do Conde Municipal Theatre. This time the percussionist Jorge Lima will perform a recital for percussion and electronics, To the Earth, which will include two premiere performances - Kado by Eduardo Luís Patriarca and a new work by José Alberto Gomes; both pieces composed in response to the musician's commission. Additionally the programme of his recital will be also composed of works by Andy Akiho (Portuguese premiere), Frederic Rzewski and Luís Tinoco (Mind the Gap). Apart from the presentation of new music works, each concert of the New Music Encounters in Vila do Conde intends to bring closer the audience with the performers and composers, hence allowing an informal conversation with the artists.

PREMIERE OF Scherzi BY Pedro Amaral AT Casa da Música

The work for symphonic orchestra, Scherzi by Pedro Amaral, will be premiered at the concert Birthday Surprise, which will be taking place on April 10, at 9h00 p.m. at the Sala Suggia of Casa da Música in Porto. This concert, which marks the 10th anniversary of Casa da Música, includes the participation of the Porto Symphonic Orchestra Casa da Música, the Casa da Música Choir, the soloists Sarah Tynan (soprano), Patrícia Quinta (mezzo-soprano), Lothar Odinius (tenor) and Leigh Melrose (baritone), with the musical direction of Takuo Yuasa. Apart form Pedro Amaral's new work, Casa da Música's commission to this composer published by the MIC.PT, the event's programme will also include the piece Con brio, Concert Overture by Jörg Widmann, Ludwig van Beethiven's Consecration of the House Overture, written for the inauguration of the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna, as well as a surprise work for choir, four soloists and symphonic orchestra.

Premiere of work by João Madureira in Zagreb
The work Coração by João Madureira, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be premiered on April 25 by the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group (GMCL) under the baton of the Italian conductor Adriano Martinolli D'Arcy, in the framework of the 28th Music Biennale in Zagreb, Croatia. This event dedicated to new music has been organized since 1961 by the Croatian Composers' Society, the Croatian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). The programme of this concert by the GMCL will also include four Portuguese works by the composers published by the MIC.PT, Clotilde Rosa (No Mais Fundo de Ti), João Pedro Oliveira (O Abismo e o Silêncio), Constança Capdeville (Momento I) and Jorge Peixinho (Llanto por Mariana); as well as the premiere performance of a piece by the Croatian composer Viktoria ?op (Taba).

Electroacoustic Music Days (DME) in Brazil #4
Works by two composers published by the MIC.PT, João Pedro Oliveira and Jorge Peixinho, are included in the concerts taking place between March and April, in the framework of the Brazilian tour of the DME Ensemble. This tour is a journey where the group of musicians connected with the Music Conservatoire in Seia is travelling from the South to the North of the country, giving more than 10 performances. The conductor Jean-Sébastien Béreau is leading the Ensemble during these performances whose programme includes premiers of pieces by Portuguese and Brazilian composers, many of them commissioned for the tour, which also includes the participation of Ana Telles (piano), Carlos Silva (clarinet), Jaime Reis (electronics), Joana Guerra (violin), José Pedro Sousa (cello), Ludovic Afonso (violin) and Túlio Augusto (theatrical performance).

Results of the 1st Jorge Peixinho/GMCL International Composition Competition

The results of the 1st Jorge Peixinho/GMCL International Composition Competition, organized by the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group (GMCL), were announced on March 18. The jury constituted by the three composers published by the MIC.PT, Christopher Bochmann, João Madureira and Clotilde Rosa, and which also included Ivan Fedele, Aldo Brizzi, Gerhard Staebler, Helmut Flammer, Jean-Sébastien Béreau and Jorge Sá Machado, decided to award the following works: in the A category (Ensemble) with the 2nd Prize, the piece Conciliabulu by Nuno Peixoto de Pinho, and in the B category (Chamber Music) with the 1st Prize, the piece Memorandum for understanding by Nuno Figueiredo. Both composers, the former and the latter, have scores published by the MIC.PT. In the B category the jury also attributed two awards, the 2nd to Daniel Moreira for the piece Cinco Poemas da Água, and the 3rd to Ernesto Donoso for Reflexão Energética. The awards in the B category will be officially delivered at the concert of the awarded pieces, on April 4 at 9h30 p.m. at the Joaquim d'Almeida Auditorium in Montijo. The winning composer of the A category will receive his award on April 5 at 4h00 p.m. at Palácio Foz in Lisbon, in the framework of yet another performance of all the winning works.

NEW Scores on the MIC.PT

The MIC.PT publishes and provides online eight new scores by three Portuguese contemporary composers: Anturion (1989) and Tapisserie II, Masques (1993) for instrumental ensemble by Cândido Lima; Les nénuphars et la surface d'un lac (2014) and Oscillation perpétuelle (2014) from the cycle Nouvelles Réflexions for piano, and Rapsódia em Abril Maior (2014) for two pianos by Daniel Schvetz; as well as Dirge (2014) for solo viola, Essay XVII (2014) for solo violoncello and Five Pieces (2010) for instrumental ensemble by Christopher Bochmann. The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available online and thus promoting the knowledge and choice of Portuguese music among performers, ensembles, programmers and the academic mean. The MIC.PT online Score Catalogue presently includes 895 works by 52 Portuguese composers.

Carlos Marecos' Work At the ALLEA Assembly
The work Paródia às Modinhas Luso-Brasileiras for soprano, clarinet and piano by Carlos Marecos, composer published by the MIC.PT, is included in the programme of the concert by the Trio Liederbuch, which will take place on April 23, within the ALLEA (All European Academies) Assembly at the Salão Nobre of the Science Academy in Lisbon. The repertoire of this music moment at the Assembly, starred by the musicians of the Music Department at the Évora University, Lara Rainho (soprano), Hélia Varanda (clarinet) and Inês Condeço (piano), will also include two pieces from the romantic European repertoire by Luis Spohr and Franz Schubert. In this context the piece by Carlos Marecos, composed in 2001, is based on the Luso-Brazilian folk songs from the 18th century.

Workshop by Patrícia Sucena de Almeida

On April 11, in the framework of the pedagogical activity Black & Light, Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, composer published by the MIC.PT and particularly interested in such aspects as transversality between the arts, will give a workshop on Installation and Photography. The 3rd edition of the Black & Light, initiative organized by the AAC Photography Section in Coimbra, intends to be a training of practical competences, within the exchange of experience established with different professionals, and the diverse possibilities offered by photography. In this context the workshop by Patrícia Sucena de Almeida constitutes a technical and practical approach on the art of installation and photography as artistic mean, presenting their concepts, elements and characteristics, in order to develop a prototype of an artistic project.

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Dossiers Portuguese Composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries

This April, in the context of the new series Dossiers . Portuguese Composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries, we provide online two more editions - the English version of the Dossier no. 2 by Sara Carvalho, and the new edition in Portuguese of the Dossier no. 3 dedicated to António Ferreira. The series, Dossiers . Portuguese Composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries, intends to promote the work of Portuguese contemporary composers, constituting an "introspection" in the work of every composer, being simultaneously an encouragement to explore and (re)discover their music, as well as their aesthetic and philosophic reflection. Each Dossier is built of a short biography, questionnaire/interview or musicological article, catalogue of works with two ordinations (by instrumentation or following the chronological order) and discography.

World Music Days 2015

The Slovenian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) has announced the results for the World Music Days 2015 (WMD 2015), festival scheduled between September 26 and October 2, 2015, in Ljubljana (Slovenia). In this sense, the work Nocturna Itinera by Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, composer published by the MIC.PT, was selected for the WMD 2015 in the framework of the official application by the ISCM Portuguese Section. Another composer who will represent Portugal at this Festival, and who was chosen within the individual submission, is Nuno Costa with his piece Pater noster for eight voices a capela. As Portuguese Section of the ISCM, every year Miso Music Portugal has been presenting to the juries of the WMD an application with six works by Portuguese composers, thus ensuring, since 2000, the presence of Portuguese music at the World Music Days Festivals, a significant moment in the international calendar of events dedicated to new music.

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