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EMC Conferences and Events

EMC Conferences and Events are documented online since 2007. Please find the documentations in the section Events and navigate to the conference you like to read about.

EMC Activity Report 2015-2016

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EMC Annual Report 2014

EMC Annual Report 2013

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EMC Annual Report 2012

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Biannual Report 2006/2007
European Music Council (2008)








Other publications

European Music Council (2006):
Many Musics in Europe

Printout available at the secretariat. 






European Music Council (2005):
Improvisation in Music

Printout available at the secretariat.







European Music Council (2004):
Music in Society
Good practices where music can make a change
Bonn, 29 November, 2003

European Music Council:
Forum: Music for Europe - the Young Generation
Brussels, September 13th-15th, 2002.

Danish Music Council:
Forum: Multicultural Europe
Cultural Identity or when the sound has another colour
Copenhagen, March 1st-3rd, 2002.

available from:
Mads Westfall
Secretary General
Danish Music Council
The Danish Arts Agency - Music Centre
HC Andersens Boulevard 2
1553 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45-33-744500
Fax: +45-33-744519
e-mail: musik(at)kunststyrelsen.dk
Homepage: http://www.kunststyrelsen.dk

European Music Council:
Forum: Music Information in the Internet
Bonn, September 9th, 2000.