The EMC is a membership organisation which acts as a stakeholder for the European music sector incorporating all kinds of musical genres on many different levels. The 75 members based in 29 countries can be divided in four different categories:

  1. National Music Councils  (including countries outside the EU such as Israel and Azerbaijan), representing the music sector in their country. They represent many kinds of music organisations on national and local levels.
  2. International and European organisations  that specialise in one specific area of music, representing high knowledge and expertise in their specific field and connecting national and local organisations within that field of expertise.
  3. National or specialised music organisations  specialising in one specific field of music and representing high knowledge and expertise in their specific field with a strong link to the country or region the organisation is based in.

The Board of the EMC currently consists of eight members, which are elected every two years. The IMC President and further IMC representative are ex-officio members.

The General Secretariat is located in Bonn, Germany and is managed by two Secretary Generals.

The EMC has been registered under German law as non profit organisation since March 2003.

You may download the recently modified statutes of the EMC here. The legally binding version is the German version.