EMC Statements

In order to react to alarming situations or specific developments in the field of cultural policies in Europe, the EMC may issue statements adressed at the respective decision-makers. Find below the most recent statements that were issued by the EMC.

EMC Statement on the UK's EU Referendum by EMC Chairman Ian Smith

(Issued in June 2016)

Read the EMC Brexit statement here.

EMC Statement on the Closure of the EUYO

(Issued in May 2016)

Read the EMC EUYO statement here.

EMC Statement on the TTIP Negotiations

(Issued in December 2015)

Read the EMC TTIP statement here.

Statement on cultural diversity as a reaction to the recent developments in Europe

(Issued in October 2015) 

Read the statement here.

Statement on the current situation in Turkey

(Issued in July 2013)

Read the statement here.

Statment on the EU/USA free trade agreement

(Issued in June 2013)

Read the statement here.

Statement on the closing of the Greek Public Broadcaster

(Issued in June 2013)

After a government decree, the Greek Public Broadcaster, (Greek Radio Televison / ERT) was shut down on June 11. This also affects the three Music Ensembles of the ERT: the National Symphony Orchestra (est. 1938), the Contemporary Music Orchestra (est. 1954) and the Choir (est. 1977). In the new institution that has been proposed by the Greek government, there is no room for music whatsoever. 

Read the EMC statement concerning this situation here.
Read the German version of the statement here.

Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries

In April 2010, the European Commission published its Green Paper entitled 'Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries'. The key areas of the document are: the creative production chain, creative partnerships between art schools, education institutions and businesses and the mobility of cultural works and artists.

Click here to read an introduction giving you some background information and a summary of the main contents of the Green Paper.

You can read the European Music Council's contribution to the Green Paper here.

Europe & cultural diversity

Since three years EMC member mica (music information center Austria) has been active to hold a meeting on music in the Austrian Parliament. This year, on 3 June the Austrian Parliament met this request and invited stakeholders from the music field to discuss the future of music in Austria.

IMC Vice-President Peter Rantasa (Executive Director of mica - music austria) and EMC Acting Secretary General Simone Dudt were invited to present the international framework for music. Harald Huber, President of the Austrian Music Council and EMC Board member, was represented on the panel on music education.

You can download Simone Dudt's speech on "Europe and Cultural diversity" here.

English version

EMC statement on the European Agenda for Culture

as in Sounds #3:

English German French

EU Culture Programme

The EMC has participatied in several consultations on the new Cultural Programme and formulated different sets of recommendations:

  • The EMC has formulated recommendations concering the up-coming cultural programme of the EU, Culture 2007.
  • Comment on the up-coming cultural programme of the EU by Ruth Jakobi, Executive Director of EMC, published in June 2005 in NMZ (Neue Musik Zeitung), available in German only
  • In the frame of the EFMET project recommendations concering the role of education and training in the Culture 2007 programme of the EU were formulated
    English version
    Version Française
    Deutsche Version
  • On 30 May 2006, a public hearing on the Culture 2007 programme took place in the Committee for Education and Culture in the European Parliament. Experts from the cultural sector were invited to comment on the present und future programmes for the support of culture. EMC Executive Director Ruth Jakobi took part in the session in Brussels as observer and contribute to the presentations of the experts on beforehand. Please find the draft for the contribution here
  • The lobby work of the EMC is bearing fruit: The Culture Committee of the European Parliament has voted for a 600m Euro budget for Culture 2007. This increase is also due to the "70 cents for Culture!" campaign launched by EFAH and strongly supported by the EMC.
    The non-sectorial approach was maintained and the synergy of the Culture 2007 programme with other policy areas, in particular education, was enhanced.
  • The EMC strongly supports the "70 for Culture" Campaign launched by EFAH.