These three papers fall under none of the above categories, but provide useful advice and information on topics that affect all organisations working in an international context.

Promoting cultural and creative sectors for growth and jobs in the EU (2012)

"At the heart of our social fabric, culture shapes our identities, aspirations and relations to others and the world. It also shapes the places and landscapes where we live, the lifestyles we develop. Heritage, visual and performing arts, cinema, music, publishing, fashion or design manifest themselves strongly in daily life but the contribution that cultural and creative sectors1 can bring to social and economic development in the EU is still not fully recognised."

ExTra! Exchange Traditions Recommendations (2009)

The aim of the EMC led ExTra! Exchane Traditions, was to stimulate the exchange between different music traditions present in today's multicultural Europe. You can find out more about the project here.

Rainbow Paper (2008)

The Rainbow Paper is the result of a participative process in which many organisations came together in order to help shape the voice of European civil society in the field of Intercultural Dialogue in the context of the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue 2008. This paper is a summary of what the Platform for Intercultural Europe has acheived, as well as demonstrating its aims and objectives, and how it wishes to continue.

Visas - the discordant note (2008)

This White Paper sums up some of the problems and challenges of bringing international artists into Europe, or from one country in Europe to another. Hopefully this White Paper will clarify why the EU must change its procedures in order to live up to its obligations under the UNESCO Convention. It should also be noted that European artists suffer by virtue of similar procedures applied by the USA and others.

(Freemuse, European Council of Artists, European Life Music Forum)