Presentations of the European Forum on Music 2024

12th European Forum on Music
5 - 7 June 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria

Thursday, 6 June

Keynote on "Equity in Music"
by Golnar Shahyar - coming soon

Introduction to study by SoAlive Music Conference
Ruth Koleva - coming soon

World Café with key inputs on Equity in Music
Additional needs: Carol Main, Live Music Now Scotland & David Nicholson - Pathways programme and more coming soon
Freedom of expression: Sanni Kahilainen, Finnish Musicians' Union/IMC board - coming soon
Emerging professionals: Mimi Harmer & Cheryl Kwok, EMC Fellows - View presentation here
Gender: Martha Lomelí, JMI - Further reading and additional information

Friday, 7 June

Panel discussion "Fair pay - fair working conditions"
Eva-Maria Bauer, Austrian Music Council - View presentation here
Benoît Machuel, International Federation of Musicians (FIM) - View presentation here
Heidemarie Meissnitzer, EU OMC group "The status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals"

Panel disussion on "Equity in live music - what can we learn from European venues and what challenges lie ahead"
Robbe Van Bogaert, Eventsure / City of Antwerp - presentation not available
Erica Romero Pender, LiveDMA - View presentation here
Stéphane Amiel, Les femmes s'en mêlent - View presentation here
Lorenzo De Angelis, All Areas Access - View presentation here
Katharin Ahrend, Clubcommission Berlin - View presentation here

Panel discussion "Equity in music education"
Niels Græsholm, EMC - View presentation here
Finn Schumacker, AEC - View presentation here
Martha Lomelí, JMI - no presentation
Mimi Harmer, EMC Fellow - no presentation
Workshop sessions in parallel
Workshop I:
Equity in the (geographically) diverse membership of a network
led by Sonja Greiner & Joži Vovk (European Choral Association) - View presentation here

Workshop II:
Exploring Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Policy
led by Angharad Cooper (Centre for Music Ecosystems) - View presentation here
Panel discussion "Equity in music streaming"
Sandra Tinner, Swiss Music Council - View presentation here
Helienne Lindvall, European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) - Article for further reading
Ruth Koleva, Association of Independent Music Publishers and Producers Bulgaria - No presentation
Burak Özgen, GESAC - No presentation