Wednesday, 5 June 2024

Venue:  Main building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 15 November str. 1


Opening concert of the European Forum on Music 2024
with Academic Folk Choir and Academic Folk Orchestra of the National Academy of Music


Thursday, 6 June

Venue: Toplocentrala Center for Contemporary Arts

9:00 Registration and welcome coffee
9:30 Official opening
Vasil Terziev, Mayor of Sofia
Nayden Todorov, Minister of Culture of Bulgaria
Michalis Karakatsanis, Vice-Chair of the European Music Council
Mila Georgieva, Bulgarian Music Association/EMC board
(Hall 1, main hall)
10:00 Keynote on "Equity in Music"
by Golnar Shahyar
(Hall 1, main hall)
10:30 Musical intermission
with Bistritsa Babi
(Hall 1, main hall)
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Introduction to study by SoAlive Music Conference
Ruth Koleva
(Hall 1, main hall)
11:45 Panel discussion "Equity in Music - geographical perspectives"
Nayden Todorov, Minister of Culture, Bulgaria
Mila Georgieva, Bulgarian Music Association, EMC board
Tomas Van Respaille, Bozar
Mariana Bondarenko, Ukrainian Institute
Carlos Martins, Sons da Lusofonia
Moderator: Michalis Karakatsanis, EMC
(Hall 1, main hall)
13:00 Lunch break
14:30 Exchange sessions in parallel: Policies for Music
Exchange session I for national organisations led by Katharina Weinert
Exchange session II for European organisations led by Simone Dudt
(Hall 2 & Hall 4)
15:30 Musical intermission
with Clavexperience
(Hall 1, main hall)
16:00 World Café with key inputs on Equity in Music
Additional needs: Carol Main, Live Music Now Scotland & David Nicholson
Freedom of expression: Sanni Kahilainen, Finnish Musicians' Union/IMC board
Emerging professionals: Mimi Harmer & Cheryl Kwok, EMC Fellows
Gender: Martha Lomelí, JMI
(start in Hall 1, main hall, then Café/terrace)
18:00 End of day programme
19:00 Concert of the Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra
(Hall 1, main hall)


Friday, 7 June

Daytime venue: Toplocentrala Center for Contemporary Arts

Evening venue: Sofia Live Club, Bulgaria square / underground

9:00 Registration and coffee
9:30 Panel discussion "Fair pay - fair working conditions"
Eva-Maria Bauer, Austrian Music Council
Benoît Machuel, International Federation of Musicians (FIM)
Heidemarie Meissnitzer, EU OMC group "The status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals"
Moderator: Silja Fischer, International Music Council (IMC)
(Hall 1, main hall)
10:30 Panel disussion on "Equity in live music - what can we learn from European venues and what challenges lie ahead"
Robbe Van Bogaert, Eventsure / City of Antwerp
Stéphane Amiel, Les femmes s'en mêlent
Lorenzo De Angelis, All Areas Access
Katharin Ahrend, Clubcommission Berlin
Moderator: Erica Romero Pender, LiveDMA
(Hall 1, main hall)
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Panel discussion "Equity in music education"
Niels Græsholm, EMC
Finn Schumacker, AEC
Martha Lomelí, JMI
Mimi Harmer, EMC Fellow
moderator: Ruth Jakobi, European Music Council
(Hall 1, main hall)
13:15 Lunch break
14:45 Workshop sessions in parallel
Workshop I:
Equity in the (geographically) diverse membership of a network
led by Sonja Greiner & Joži Vovk (European Choral Association)
(Hall 2, downstairs)

Workshop II:
Exploring Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Policy
led by Angharad Cooper (Centre for Music Ecosystems)
(Hall 4, upstairs)
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Panel discussion "Equity in music streaming"
Sandra Tinner, Swiss Music Council
Helienne Lindvall, European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)
Ruth Koleva, Association of Independent Music Publishers and Producers Bulgaria
Burak Özgen, GESAC
Moderator: Davide Grosso, International Music Council (IMC)
(Hall 1, main hall)
17:30 Closing, musical intermission and Happy Birthday IMC
with Beleva & Hadjigrudev
(Hall 1, main hall)
18:00 End of day programme
21:00 Farewell party
with YoYo Band and T.E.F.T. - The Essential Funk Trombone and Humanpower
at Sofia Live Club, Bulgaria square / underground