Kick-off webinar on SHIFT eco-certificate for cultural networks

16 May 2022 - Online

On 16 May 2022, the EMC organised an online webinar dedicated to invited European cultural networks for them to get familiar with the SHIFT Eco-Guidelines and other publications within the SHIFT work package on Climate action.

In addition, this was the occasion to lay the foundations of the process of creating a tailor-made eco-certificate, then taken up by a group of 16 cultural networks and further developed through a series of online workshops and training sessions.

The SHIFT Eco-Guidelines for Networks, developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ SHIFT project led by the EMC, were initiated by the nine SHIFT partners and created in collaboration with the Green Leisure Group (GLG) and Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS). They are a first step towards filling a gap in the environmental certification offer.

The next step is the co-development, again with GLG and CCS, of a bespoke eco-certificate for cultural networks to provide themselves with a scheme to improve, measure, monitor and evaluate efforts towards sustainability.

Read the press release on the launch of the SHIFT eco-certificate pilot phase by a group of 16 cultural networks, including the EMC, here.