Music Education in Turkey

Turkey’s cultural and musical heritage is diverse and reflects its geopolitical position between the East and the West. The session will examine how and if this is reflected in today’s music education practices in Turkey. How is music education in schools organized? What training is offered in higher education? Which styles are included in music education and which non- and informal music education projects do exist?


Süher Pekinel is a world-renowned duo pianist performing with her sister Güher Pekinel. Together, Pekinels are playing with world leading orchestras and have recorded  the most important literature for duo piano on CD and DVD for DGG, RCA, CBS and Warner Classics. Pekinels also pioneered several music educational social responsibility projects. 
You find Süher Pekinel's speech here.


Burak Onur Erdem is Initiator of many choral projects in Turkey, among others choral festivals, exchanges and workshops, Erdem himself is a choral conductor giving concerts internationally. He is the founder of the Choral Culture Association, Istanbul. A graduate of Deutsche Schule Istanbul, he finished Bogazici University Political Science & International Relations with the Rectorate Prize and continues his academic life in ITU Center of Advanced Studies in Music.

Ilke Boran was born in Rome. After having his primary education in Paris and Ankara he received his Baccalauréat from the French High School. In 1992 He entered the MSU State conservatory Musicology department in Istanbul and received his PhD in 2007. Being assistant professor he is continuing his Musicological career.

Turgut Pögün is a Turkish composer. He composes contemporary music for orchestra, chamber ensembles and solo instruments. His compositions are performed in national and international events. Pögün is also teaching and taking administrative duties in the field of classical music. Currently he is an assistant professor at Bilgi University music department.
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Filiz Ali, founder and director of Ayvalik International Music Academy and Ayvalik Foundation of Culture and Arts was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She studied piano at the State Conservatory of Ankara, attended The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and The Mannes College of Music in New York.She holds the Advanced Musical Studies Degree from London University, King’s College, Department of Musicology. She had a long career as a pianist, accompanist, teacher, broadcaster, music critique, author with eight published books, artistic director and advisor of various festivals since 1962. In 2011 she was awarded the Vehbi Koc Award for Culture for her distinguished achievements in music education.