Paper and project presentations II

The presentation of EMC members’ activities is an important part of the EMC Annual Conference, therefore we offer you the possibility to share your experience, papers and projects with other members.

European portofolio: A creative way into languages

Maria Argyriou (Greek Association of Primary Music Education Teachers)
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Office exchange programme
An-Heelen de Greef (International Association of Music Information Centers)
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Counterpoint – the roles of music in places affected by conflict: Case study of Northern Ireland
Teresa Hanley
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Let's go urban – Mozart goes urban!
Sihame el Kaouakibi
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MusMA, Masters on air. European broadcasting festival
Ömer Bozkurt (European Festival Association)
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Ruth Jakobi & Michael Sollis (IMC Youth and the Australian Youth Music Council)
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Some Suggestions for the Evaluation of Musical Production and Consumption of Turkey Originated People in Germany
Elif Damla Yavuz (Istanbul Technical University,Institute of Social Sciences, Musicology and Music Theory Program)

Moderator: Claire Goddard