Community building through Music

Workshop led by Patsy Lang and Katja Scheer


The power music has to transform lives and build confidence is astounding. Music can create international understanding beyond language.

This workshop will present 2 projects promoting community building through music, and will include an interactive music workshop:

  • Network for Music from the Elbe islands - Hamburg, Germany
    This year there have been significant developments in the “Elbe Islands” districts Wilhelmsburg and Veddel in which the average number of people with an immigrant background has grown, and is now higher than anywhere else in the city. In order to provide structures for cultural participation to all people living in these districts the Network for Music from the Elbe Islands was established as an excellent way of citizen participation, cultural exchange and (inter)cultural education.
  • IC Music: International Co-operation through Music – Belgium, France, & Southern UK
    This Interreg IV – 2 Seas Programme funded project gives young, up & coming bands performance opportunities in each country and community music training, leading to cross-border cooperation among professional musicians.

UK based SUPERACT trains these young musicians to engage with music in different community settings, using their music in prison, special needs and elderly settings. Superact’s specializes in programmes of music aimed at improving confidence, identity, and well -being.

Superact musicians will demonstrate their workshop technique in this session.