Youth Day in the frame of the 3rd European Forum on Music in Glasgow

The programme of the Youth Day was built around the themes raised in the Manifesto on Youth and Music in Europe, and informal sessions led by experienced youth workers, as well as young people who have been successful in their field, gave a chance for young participants to learn more about opportunites that are available to them, share experiences and gain some new skills.

The aim of the youth day was to bring together young people from the partners’ networks and beyond, paving the way for the establishment of a strenghened youth network, linking many organisations. The focus therefore was on capacity building for young people so that they learn how to work effectively together and apply what they have learnt in their youth work in their own countries and organisations.

Holding the event in the frame of the EFM encouraged participating organisations to bring youth delegates when they travel to the forum. They were asked to nominate a young person from their own networks who acted as a youth contact within their organisation, thus demonstrating the organisations’ commitment to including youth in their future work. Young participants were offered reduced participation fees, and travel grants were made available by the project promoters.

Youth Day Programme

View an overview of the Youth Day programme here.

The Youth Day is part of Make Music! Be Heard! supported by the EU Programme Youth in Action.