Youth Day Programme and Sessions

9:30 Performance by Jamie Munn & Juliette Philogene (Live Music Now! Scotland)

9:45 Welcome
Ian Smith (Creative Scotland, EMC Board member)

This year's European Forum on Music is being hosted by the Scottish Music Centre with support from Creative Scotland. Ian Smith from Creative Scotland welcomes delegates to Glasgow and will kick off the Youth Day.

Overview of the day
Katharine Lane (Chair of the EMC Youth Committee) and Maiju Kopra (Vice-Chair of the EMC Youth Committee)

The European Music Council's Youth Committee members will give an overview of the programme for the day and introduce everyone to the work of the Youth Committee including their new project Make Music! Be Heard! and their recent campaign to produce the Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe.

10:15 Keynote
Nenad Bogdanovic (Cultural Movement of Limassol Epilogi)

Nenad Bogdanovic will re-think the position of the music profession in the entire European space, starting from the factors and environments motivating young people to become musicians, through education systems, to the analysis of stakeholders to professional music life. The presentation will conclude with specific suggestions for re-launched dialogue among people working in the music sector and their collective relations to other political, economic and social players.

11:30 Session One: How to stand out in a changing music sector
Christopher Glasgow (Scottish Music Centre), Jamie Munn & Carol Main (Live Music Now Scotland)

This session we hope will help to improve your employability skills and shed new light on ways to effectively market yourself and your work at a European level. Our speakers will share their experiences on working at a European level and guide us on some of the pitfalls to look out for.

Social Media as a tool for opportunities and employment (PDF) >

14:15 Session Two: Lifelong Learning – The emergence of an alternative education through Music
Mauricio Velez (Superact), Manon Fenard (Zebrock), Annie Menter (Womad Foundation UK International)

This session will explore the compelling importance of working with the community and ways in which young music professionals can diversify skills. This interactive session will explore the work of three third sector organisations that exemplify a growing trend in education innovation through music. Through a series of hands on activities, the speakers aim to share some of the knowledge acquired through experience, and start a process of skill transfer that will enable participants to participate in community based projects.

16:00 Session Three: How to market yourself and secure work at a European Level
Gretchen Amussen (Chair of Polifonia Working Group Educating for Entrepreneurship) and Christoph Jankowski (Visiting Arts UK)

During this session we will hear more about the current opportunities available for young people across the Youth in Action and also Culture programme at a European level. We will also hear from Polifonia on the interesting topic of ‘Inventing one’s artistic path’ and how to utilise your skills in an entrepreneurial way.

The EU Culture Programme and Youth training in arts & culture (PDF) >

17:30 Performance by Model Aeroplanes

17:45 Wrap-up
Katharine Lane and Maiju Kopra

The Youth Day is part of Make Music! Be Heard! supported by the EU Programme Youth in Action.