The power of the amateurs: the swiss federal popular initiative on music education

The session will examine the initiative as an example of the power of amateurs; but what does it take to set such a grass roots movement in motion and what environment (societal, social, political, and economic) is required for it to be realised? How are the vision, mission and objectives of such an initiative determined? How is it organised, how is the process managed and what resources are available? Are there any regulatory constraints, imperatives or time frames in place? The session will go on to explore what kind of ‘power’ amateurs actually have, and what the definition of ‘power’ is. Finally it will deliberate whether the initiative is a transferable concept which can be successfully applied to other cases.

Panel Discussion with David Ramael, Kaie Tanner, Christine Bouvard Marty, Marc -Antoine Camp and Daniel Kellerhals