Broadening the Scope: Global Perspectives on Music and the Digital

This session offers an insight into the role digital tools play beyond Europe. With the specificities of the music sector varying from one world region to the next, so is also true of the use of digital technology. Find out more about the state of digital music sales in Africa, or about the challenges of organising music festivals in Syria and how social media can connect musicians in areas of conflict.


  • Kostas Moschos - Director of the Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics and EMC Board Member
  • Emmanuel Michael Mwanyongo - Director of Programmes at Primetime Media and President/Creative Director at Diamond Creative, Malawi
  • Hannibal Saad - Music Manager/Festival Artistic Director, Global Week for Syria

Chaired by Silja Fischer

See the PDF presentation by Emmanuel Mwanyongo - here.

See the PDF presentation by Hannibal Saad - here. Watch also the #4Syria Video on YouTube.