Music and the Digital: The Roles, the Rules, the Vision

The digital shift has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives and music is certainly no exception: The accessibility of music has exploded, music journalism has become decentralised, music lessons for every imaginable instrument are available at a click of the mouse, the music industry has been struggling for years while new funding models for musicians have made projects possible that would never have taken place otherwise. The opportunities and challenges of the digital shift have already been discussed at great length but one thing is evident: We are still in a transition period that will define how the musical sector will work in the decades to come. This panel discussion will bring together different perspectives on the role that music should play in the digital era and how we can shape its future.

Panel Discussion with Ilze Dalbina, Stefano Kunz, Benoit Machuel, Gianpaolo Scacco, chaired by Nenad Bogdanovic

See the PDF presentation by Ilze Dalbina - Education Proram Director of the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO- here.

PDFpresentation by Gianpaolo Scacco - Policy Officer, European Commission.

PDF presentation by Benoit Machuel - General Secretary of the International Federation of Musicians (FIM).