CMC LINE-UP Platform - Linked Irish NEw mUsic Platform!

As the national organisation for the promotion and documentation of Irish
composers’ music, the Contemporary Music Centre (CMC) has witnessed
a massive increase in recent years in the amount of online content relating to new music from Ireland. In an online world saturated with media and information how can such content be collected, organised, disseminated, as well as being preserved for future generations?

This joint project between CMC, Digital Repository Ireland and the Insight Centre at NUI Galway aims to solve some of these problems by developing a new content management system (CMS) and discovery platform for Irish composer’s music. The CMS and platform will enable the effective management and dissemination of CMC’s information and collections relating to new music in Ireland, and provide online users with a rich immersive experience of Irish composers’ music, past and present! By combining data from CMC with other online sources, the platform will enable Irish composers and musicians to easily present a current view of their work, thereby helping raise their profile and contributing towards developing audiences for new music in Ireland. If adopted by other European music centres and agencies it is possible to combine and exchange this information, leading to a more impactful experience for users when it comes to the online promotion and experience of new music!

See the PDF version of the presentation by Jonathan Grimes, Contemporary Music Centre) - here.