Minute of Listening

Minute of Listening is an innovative digital project, a software application that  provides all children with the opportunity to experience sixty seconds of creative listening each day of the school year. By downloading the application to school laptops, desktops or interactive whiteboards, you can bring a wealth of sonic resources into the classroom.

Listening, and the way we experience sound, has a huge impact on our lives. Yet in a predominantly visual culture, time is rarely dedicated to exploring our aural experiences and to developing our ability to listen in a concentrated or imaginative way. Minute of Listening provides a simple and effective way of introducing a culture of curious, engaged and reflective listening in the classroom and offers a structured, daily activity that enables teachers and their pupils to explore a wide variety of sonic experiences. The application also presents an opportunity for children to let their imaginations run wild; the idea that there is no right or wrong response is welcomed when talking subjectively about their individual impressions of what they heard.

See thePDFversion of the presentation by Julia Baker, Sound and Music - here.