Project Showcase

Five exciting projects currently being carried out within the EMC network, addressing the theme of Access to Music is digital? will be presented on 13 June.

carus music – The Choir App

You've always wanted to go to your next choir rehearsal well prepared and no longer stumble over difficult passages, right? This is at last possible with carus music: learn your choir part in no time at all – whether you can read music or not.

The app is based on carefully prepared Urtext music editions from Carus vocal scores synchronized with recordings by renowned interpreters. Every measure can be directly selected thanks to the intuitive navigation within each work, and the original recording starts exactly at this point. A marker that moves synchronously with the music simplifies the orientation. Turning pages occurs either automatically or manually. A special feature offered by carus music is a coach to help you learn the choral part. If the coach is activated, your own part is clearly emphasized and you can practice with the recording of your part within the overall sound. The slow mode can be used for fast and difficult passages – from now on you decide on your learning pace. Learning your own part will thus become a special experience and singing will be even more fun!

Project presented by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

CMC LINE-UP Platform - Linked Irish NEw mUsic Platform!

As the national organisation for the promotion and documentation of Irish
composers’ music, the Contemporary Music Centre (CMC) has witnessed
a massive increase in recent years in the amount of online content relating to new music from Ireland. In an online world saturated with media and information how can such content be collected, organised, disseminated, as well as being preserved for future generations?

This joint project between CMC, Digital Repository Ireland and the Insight Centre at NUI Galway aims to solve some of these problems by developing a new content management system (CMS) and discovery platform for Irish composer’s music. The CMS and platform will enable the effective management and dissemination of CMC’s information and collections relating to new music in Ireland, and provide online users with a rich immersive experience of Irish composers’ music, past and present! By combining data from CMC with other online sources, the platform will enable Irish composers and musicians to easily present a current view of their work, thereby helping raise their profile and contributing towards developing audiences for new music in Ireland. If adopted by other European music centres and agencies it is possible to combine and exchange this information, leading to a more impactful experience for users when it comes to the online promotion and experience of new music!

Project presented by the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland

Doewap online platform

All European primary school teachers need didactic resources and ideas that make it easy for them to sing with children in school. There are already many online platforms that help primary school teachers to sing with children. However, a new online platform with songs and didactic tips from all over Europe is one of a kind.

This online platform is called Doewap and is being developed by Koor&Stem, the Flemish organisation for vocal music. This platform is the practical translation of a research project that was performed in 2012-2013. It also incorporates a series of practical ideas that are described in a newly published inspirational guide for choirs that aims to get millions of children singing in the span of the next generation.

Therefore, the platform offers

  • access to good practice examples of singing with children from all over Europe, presented lively and practically, according to the needs of primary school teachers
  • new and solid didactic resources
  • (inter)national news on singing with children
  • (references to) scientific research and advocacy documents on singing with children and the singing voice of children
  • information about training opportunities for teachers.

Project presented by Koor&Stem

Minute of Listening

Minute of Listening is an innovative digital project, a software application that  provides all children with the opportunity to experience sixty seconds of creative listening each day of the school year. By downloading the application to school laptops, desktops or interactive whiteboards, you can bring a wealth of sonic resources into the classroom.

Listening, and the way we experience sound, has a huge impact on our lives. Yet in a predominantly visual culture, time is rarely dedicated to exploring our aural experiences and to developing our ability to listen in a concentrated or imaginative way. Minute of Listening provides a simple and effective way of introducing a culture of curious, engaged and reflective listening in the classroom and offers a structured, daily activity that enables teachers and their pupils to explore a wide variety of sonic experiences. The application also presents an opportunity for children to let their imaginations run wild; the idea that there is no right or wrong response is welcomed when talking subjectively about their individual impressions of what they heard.

Project presented by Sound and Music

Remaradio is a REMA project dedicated to the promotion of early music festivals and young emerging ensembles. The radio broadcasts various programmes, podcasts, musical interludes non-stop 24/7/365. It works in close collaboration with REMA's associated festivals but not only : every early music festival or ensemble is warmly invited to participate in interviews and transmissions. Remaradio programmes are mainly focused on

  • early music festivals performances including interviews from backstage and documentary episodes;
  • new or emerging early music ensembles also including  interviews from backstage and documentary episodes;
  • European Day of Early Music (EDEM) events, concerts and performances;
  • REMA's news which is transmited once per week.

Project presented by the European Early Music Network (REMA)