Final summary and reflections

During the seminar participants were split up into 3 groups each attending 3 satellite session in which they discussed the current situation of the European music education sector and recommendations for the implementation and promotion of the three goals set in the Seoul Agenda in European music life. The three sessions each dealt with one of the three goals set out in the Seoul Agenda Access, Quality and Social and Cultural Challenges, and were chaired by Timo Klemettinen, EMC chair, Helena Maffli, EMC board member and Claire Goddard, EMC board member and chair of the EMC's Working Group Youth.

The outcome of this fruitful and diverse exchange will be summed up in a Bonn Declaration on Music Education in Europe.

The first draft of the Bonn Declaration bringing together the input made by the EMC's Working Group on Music Education as well as the recommendations collected during the seminar is currently being prepared. The fnal version will be available online at the end of summer.