BplusC (Het Leidse Volkshuis)
Leiden, The Netherlands

The notion of music education going much further than the relationship between student and teacher is widely acknowledged: Festivals, concert venues and orchestras all have their own education departments and at the same time, marketing strategies rely increasingly on the interaction with audiences. When considering music education as the key to musically thriving societies, it becomes ever more obvious why various new collaboration models in the culture sector are becoming more and more popular. The European Forum on Music Education shed light on how educational concepts relate to all areas of musical life and what it implies for music professionals, audiences and political decision-makers.

Under the umbrella of the European Music Council, the European Forum on Music Education was organised in partnership with the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS) and the European Music School Union (EMU). Building on the success of the 2011 From Seoul to Bonn - Translating the Goals for the Development of Arts Education for Music in Europe seminar held jointly with the German UNESCO Commission, the forum invited stakeholders from all areas of the music sector to network, discuss synergies and joint strategies as well as exploit and develop new partnerships and collaborations.

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