Workshop on New Business and Communication Models

New opportunities presented by digitization and increasingly empowered global audiences, coupled with cuts to funding for the cultural sector from public coffers, are leading cultural and creative actors to explore new communication and business models, to both broaden their outreach and secure alternative and sustainable income revenues.  

When applying for EU or government funding, music organisations (such as the EMC and its members) are often expected to present which innovative models they plan to apply in their work, yet many successful models, such as crowdsourcing/funding etc or user-generated content models which are widely celebrated, are simply not-applicable to the specific work conducted by cultural networks. In support of the work of its members, the EMC offered a capacity building workshop on new business and communication models, offering a place for the international exchange of experiences and know-how of models relevant to the work of European music organisations and networks. Led by experts in the field, participants received a broad introduction to the topic, with the opportunity to explore approaches fitting the needs of their specific organisations and that of their members.

Pictures of the workshop are available online here.