Project presentations

at the EAM Showcase

Composers' Directory

presented by Alessandra Callegari (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance, ECSA)

The Composers’ Directory aims at connecting young and professional composers not only among each other but also with schools, music schools, music colleges as well as higher education institutions and to provide a comprehensive database for businesses looking for composers. The core feature of the Composers’ Directory is indeed to enable the use and development of digital tools to unleash the potential of self- publishing and to allow the practical exchange of information between living composers and the educational sector and other composers both within the same genre and other genres. The Composers’ directory follows the objectives of the European Agenda for Music by giving the possibility to composers to exchange resources online. By doing so it helps them to get access to the contents of other composers and it enables them to network.

Presentation of Alessandra Callegari

Women Composing in the Balkans

presented by Iro Menegou (EMC Fellow)

Women Composing in the Balkans wishes to encourage young female composers to introduce their work abroad, rehearse with new musicians and develop a network of young generation's interpreters and composers in the Balkan area. The project was firstly addressed through a call for scores to composers from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, aiming to include more Balkan countries in the future. The selected compositions were performed by Methexis Ensemble, consisted of violin, clarinet, accordion and piano, giving prominence to the important role of these instruments in both traditional and contemporary music of the area.

Ad Libitum and SIC! Festival

presented by Krzysztof Knittel (Polish Music Council)

The presentation will focus on improvised music and dance presented in the frame of co-operation of two international festivals Ad Libitum (improvised music) and SIC! (improvised dance) in 2010. Ad Libitum festival was created as a kind of educational activity for young professional and non-professional improvising musicians in 2006 and the festival is still organized by the Foundation of Polish Music Council. This year (2019), the festival will be focused on electronic and computer music.

Presentation of Krzysztof Knittel

#grajmywszkole (#LetsPlayAtSchool)

presented by Adam Switala (Polish Music Council)

#grajmywszkole is the first nationwide program to support music making and creativity in public schools in Poland. The main goals of #grajmywszkole are supporting balanced social growth through accessible and relevant music education, supporting the development of interpersonal competences and teamwork on the safe ground of music activities, and promoting conscious and critical listener’s and music consumer’s attitudes. The program supports music making in a variety of forms and genres, offering a safe platform on which the children’s own ideas and creativity meet competent guidance by a passionate teacher, and encourages schools to take on the role of local cultural centres, strenghening the bonds within local communities. For teachers, #grajmywszkole offers long term professional support through trainings, courses and other interdisciplinary events. From the very beginning, a research program and detailed evaluation of the activities are meant to be an integral part. The program, operator by the Polish Music Council in cooperation with the Music and Dance Institute and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, is a result of a unprecedented coalition of nearly all major institutions and organisations active in the field of music education in Poland.