Global Friends of the International Music Council

The International Music Council with its five regional music councils in different parts of the world promotes access to music for all and empowers musical artists.

You can support our work by becoming a "Global friend of the International Music Council".
By donating even a small amount, you can help IMC and our regional music councils, enable them to fulfill our mission and objectives and organise our activities across the globe. As a private person, you can choose different donor levels and corresponding titles:

  • Friend < 100 €
  • Silver - contributing friend: 100 - 249 €
  • Gold - supporting friend: 250 - 999 €
  • Platinum - donating friend: 1000 € and above

Or you can become an "institutional friend" with a donation of minimum 1000 €.


Please click on the table to enlarge it and see the benefits of being a Friend of the International Music Council.

How to pay

Donations are possible

  • in cash during events of the IMC or its regional music councils
  • via bank transfer
  • directly from this page

What will happen to your donation?

50% of each donation will automatically go to the IMC for the implementation of its programme.

The remaining 50% will be applied according to your choice: either they will go to the IMC or to the regional music council of your choice.