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autumn is always a busy time of the year, the summer break is a distant memory, opera houses and concert halls have resumed their work, and new university terms are now well underway. On top of that, this autumn also brings important changes at EU level. A new period of EU policies has begun with the unveiling of Jean-Claude Juncker's new team of Commissioners. Furthermore, the results of the first calls of the Creative Europe programme have now also been published. In a sense, these are a first glimpse of the next phase of cultural policy at EU level. At the same time, this has also been a time of change for the EMC. Alongside a new team, it also has a new board which was elected in Bern in June and which will meet for the first time at the end of October to discuss the implementation of the new EMC strategy adopted by its membership in June. Music and culture as drivers for the development of a peaceful and integrative Europe have always been at the core of the EMC's work, and it is now important to find ways to further foster these beliefs within the upcoming legislative period.


In addition to information on these important events, this newsletter includes greetings from our new chairperson Ian Smith, an update on the work of the European and International Music Councils, recent developments in the music sector in Europe and, as always, the latest news from our members.


We hope you will enjoy reading our newsletter.


All the best,
Your EMC Team

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