Welcome Speeches

A warm welcome to everyone! The speeches will be complemented by a musical intermission from Bas Otten and Erwin ter Bogt.

Ian Smith

Ian’s background is as a musician, performing with the Scottish National Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and directing Scottish Brass. He moved to the UK Musician’s Union in 1993 and was appointed Head of Music at the Scottish Arts Council in 2005. He has been Portfolio Manager for Music and Intellectual Property Development at Creative Scotland since its creation in 2010. Ian is currently chairman of the European Music Council and was recently appointed to the Finance Committee of the board of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) in New York.

Willem van Moort

Position: Director of BplusC (Library plus Art and Culture Centre) in Leiden and surroundings. The education part of BplusC is an organisation of art education, including a large music school. There are 7000 students, of who 3000 are music students. Before this, Willem van Moort was the director of several music schools, the coordinator of the Department of Music Education at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, a music teacher and a percussion player in the Radio and Ballet Orchestras. He was also president of the music section of the Foundation of Amateur Art and Performing Arts. Moreover, he holds the ancillary positions of member of the board of Cultuurconnectie, member of the board of the European Music School Union (EMU) and the European Music Council (EMC).  Education: He studied percussion, composition, teacher training and management.