Reception at Leiden Town Hall

After the first days, delegates are invited to attend a reception at the Town Hall of Leiden. Marleen Damen, member of the municipal council of Leiden, will greet delegates, followed by a concert of the BplusC Saxophone Quartet.

BplusC Saxophone Quartet

The BplusC Saxophone Quartet consists of four young talented female saxophonists. They play all members of the whole saxophone family: the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. Their repertoire ranges from classical music, klezmer to jazz and Latin. They play the music with a sense of humour and don’t shun groovy improvisations or a sensitive solo, either.

Fianne Stoel: soprano saxophone
Anne-Lokke van der Zalm: alto saxophone
Merel Dekker: tenor saxophone
Anja Nielsen; baritone saxophone (musical leader and music teacher at BplusC).