Idea Hub

Exciting projects currently being carried out within the EMC network, addressing the topic of Musical Homelands: New Territories

Barn Synger - Children Sing

15.15 - 15.35
Ung i Kor

Presented by Victoria Liedbergius

Ung i Kor runs the project "Barn synger" - "Children sing" to start up new choirs in districts with no or low choral activity, areas with a high number of families with low income or a big population with immigrant background, and lastly at reception centres for asylum seekers. The long term goal of the project is that all children in Norway should be able to sing in a choir in their own neighbourhood, unaffected by their family's social or financial situation. So far there are pilot projects running in Oslo, Bergen, and three reception centres for asylum seekers. The aim is to use the results of the project to continue the project on a national, and possible also international basis. The expected outcome is ten new choirs in Oslo and Bergen, a song book consisting of both Norwegian and international repertoire, from the countries represented within the project, and a manual for starting up new choirs in areas with a multitude of languages, religions, and cultures.

Sonja Greiner will start by presenting the project 'Sing Me In', coordinated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, in which Ung i Kor is a partner.

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat is planning a project called "Sing Me In: Collective singing in the integration process of young migrants" (Short: "Sing me in"). The aim of this project, for which ECA-EC has applied for funding under the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships, is aiming at gathering examples of good practice from different European countries in the field of singing projects for young migrants (including refugees), to disseminate them via a website and to develop guidelines, based on the good practices and mistakes made by others, for conductors and teachers who wish to sing with a group of young migrants/refugess or bringing together young migrants with young people from the home country (pitfalls to avoid, how to communicate, where to find funding, which repertoire to use etc.).

The Primary Strings Project – A Story of Respect & Recognition

15.35 - 15.50
University College Dublin

Presented by Dorothy Conaghan

This is the story of how respect and recognition led to a partnership for a simple yet sustainable, performance based music programme within the teaching and learning environment of the Irish primary school.  At the start of the twenty-first century, Ireland experienced significant changes in patterns of migration. Within the context of Ireland not having a countrywide provision system for instrumental music education, this programme was born from an ideology that every child and young person has the right to develop their musical potential and capabilities. With guiding principles such as developing a culturally relevant model for participatory music education, along with a strong belief in the nurturing of individual potential and capabilities for the flourishing of self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing, this Primary Strings Project has evolved over a 15-year period. By mapping its path of progress, where all the odds were stacked against its continuance in terms of Social Class, Ethnicity, Funding, Power relations along with long held professional beliefs and biases, this programme shows the importance of respect, recognition and empowerment for all partners involved in innovative education initiatives, if quality and sustainability are to be ensured.

Composing with Care

15.50 - 16.05
Live Music Now Scotland
Presented by Carol Main

Composing with Care is a new model for commissioning high quality music by established composers using live music performances to gather memories on specific topics from older people, including those with dementia, which are used as the starting point, basis and inspiration for the composer. Three song cycles have been commissioned using this model and we are now working on extending it to a Scottish traditionally composed piece. The first two pieces are on a commercial recording, using Live Music Now artists, which has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and reviewed with 4 stars in The Times.


16.05 - 16.20

Presented by Merlijn Poolman

Subciety offers a totally new way in connecting organisations and persons involved in music business (from organisers to consumers) in order to combine forces and make ambitious projects possible. The strengthening of these connections starts local and aims global. In the last years China has been one of the focus countries but other various regions too and a big network from mainstream to underground and contemporary to modern has been developed.

Singing Globe Trotters

16.20 - 16.35
Interregional platform & European Voice Teachers Association
Presented by Susan Yarnall and Stéphane Grosclaude

EVTA is leading the Singing Globe Trotters projects, consisting of a resource network in the field of voice, in continuity of the LEO Sings! partnership 2013 - 2015 on diversity of singing practices in Europe. This first experience gave the opportunity to create a community of artists and trainers who wish to join forces today in a resource network for furthering exchange and sharing ideas from different countries to adapt in each local cultural conditions, to support young professionals in establishing their careers, to provide opportunities for further training, to assist developing open access to current information for a wide audience of voice professionals including related professions, to explore the diversity of repertoires across Europe…  The objectives are to contribute in eliminating barriers, facilitating understanding between diverse (vocal) cultures, continuing to embrace the various aesthetics of vocal expression, and extending contacts to associations at the European level in related professions (choral, music therapy, etc.) Type of events: International and European conference (e.g. ICVT 2017 - Stockholm, PEVOC 2017 – Gent, Eurovox 2018 – Netherlands, ...), Young Professional Program (YPP) for singers integration, Singing Roadshow – mobile vocal academy.