Prof. Bozena Muszkalska

Bozena Muszkalska works as a professor of ethnomusicology at the Wroclaw University and at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She has been realising many projects associated with on-the-spot research in Poland, Sardinia, Portugal, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, Siberia, Brasilia, Turkey, Australia and Guatemala. She is the author of several books, i.a.: Traditionelle mehrstimmige Gesänge der Sarden (1985), Tradycyjna wieloglosowosc wokalna w kulturach basenu Morza Srodziemnego (Traditional Polyvocality in Cultures of the Mediterranean Basin, 1999), Glosy z przeszlosci. Tradycje muzyczne we wspomnieniach oborniczan (Voices from the past. Musical traditions in the memories of the inhabitans of Oborniki Slaskie, 2006), „A jednak po calej ziemi slychac ich dzwiek”. Muzyka w zyciu religijnym Zydow aszkenazyjskich (“Their voice goes out into all the earth…”. Music in the religious life of the Ashkenazi Jews, 2013) and of many articles concerning musical cultures of Polish diaspora, traditional polyphonic singing in Mediterranean basin and traditional Jewish music.