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    European Agenda for Music


    Open Dialogue Meeting

    We will take the next big step towards the European Agenda for Music (EAM) with an Open Dialogue Meeting, taking place on Friday, 27th October in Katowice. The meeting will be annexed to the WOMEX, the international music meeting and conference World Music Exposition, but accessible without registration to WOMEX. The EAM Open Dialogue Meeting will serve as kick-off for the open consultation on the EAM. A revised draft will be presented at the meeting which will take into consideration the feedback received through the targeted consultation (closed on September 18th).

    Make sure you don’t miss this important opportunity to get together and discuss on the European Agenda for Music and register as of now through the EMC website. Please do not hesitate to contact the EMC office in Bonn at eam@emc-imc.org for any further questions.

    The EMC will also contribute to a panel in the WOMEX conference programme: the panel Consultations & Campaigns: The Music Sector Raises its Voice! will guide you through different music initiatives like the European Agenda for Music, Take a Stand, and more. Join the movements!

    Open consultation

    All interested individuals and organisations from the music sector are invited to participate in the open consultation based on the revised draft of the European Agenda for Music. We hope to gather as many opinions and input as possible to truly make the European Agenda for Music inclusive and a reflection of a broad range of the European music sector. Stay tuned for the invitation to the public consultation coming in early November.

    The European Agenda for Music goes Reeperbahn Festival

    The Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg is Europe’s largest club festival with more than 800 events such as sessions, showcases, networking events, or award ceremonies. The EMC will be at the Reeperbahn Festival to host a session on the European Agenda for Music. The interactive session with Stef Coninx (Chair of the EAM Steering Group), Audrey Guerre (Coordinator of Live DMA) and Katharina Weinert (EMC policy adviser) will look at the development process and structure of the draft EAM. But mostly, it will focus on how individuals and organisations, musicians and policy makers can get involved in the process. The session will take place on Friday, September 22nd at 2:15 pm. We hope to see many of you there!

    Music Moves Europe

    Music Moves Europe is the framework for the European Commission’s initiatives and actions regarding the European music sector. The process started in 2015 when the European Commission invited stakeholders from the music sector to identify the main challenges facing the sector. The outcomes of this dialogue in which the EMC actively took part can be found in the AB Music Working Group report. The report outlines the need to support music creation, promote musical diversity and to explore the opportunities offered by online and offline distribution. With this report, the Commission has set its ultimate goal to strengthen the EU’s political and financial support of the music sector.
    The EMC is actively involved in shaping the future of EU funding for music and culture. In July, the EMC organised an informal meeting with different music organisations in Brussels to exchange views on the current status of the Music Moves Europe initiative; during the European Forum on Music, in June, Anna Athanasopoulou (Deputy Head of Unit at DG EAC) presented first ideas of a potential new funding programme for music.
    Music Moves Europe will also be a topic at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. Click here for more info.

    Other Networks


    Culture Action Europe: Reflection Paper and State of the Union by Juncker

    Culture Action Europe published a Reflection Paper “Belonging and Becoming: A cultural response to the White Paper on the Future of Europe and the accompanying reflection papers”. The paper proposes an answer to the question what role culture and the arts can play for the future of Europe. The Reflection Paper is based on an extensive deliberation process within CAE members and other stakeholders across Europe in which the EMC participated as well.
    CAE, following the members’ consultation process in early summer, had been actively advocating to include culture in the State of the Union speech by Jean-Claude Juncker on September 13th. In his speech, Mr. Juncker made references mirroring the Reflection Paper of Culture Action Europe. In reference to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, he said: “2018 must be a celebration of cultural diversity”. Regarding the digital age he said: “New rules, put forward by the Commission, will protect our intellectual property, our cultural diversity and our personal data.”

    IETM/European Dancehouse Network: Position Paper on Creative Europe

    Following a public consultation at the beginning of the year, the EU institutions are currently evaluating the Creative Europe programme which will feed into the post-2020 programme for culture. As a response, IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) and European Dancehouse Network (EDN) issued a position paper, fed with experiences and insights from members of both networks. Click here for more information.

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