EMC Newsflash 1/2018 European Music Council

Dear members and friends,
Heard about the EYCH2018 but want more details about it?

Don't worry, we'll be focusing in this newsflash on how to get involved in the European Year for Cultural Heritage.

We hope you had a great start in the New Year!
Your EMC-Team

Be a part of the Year with the EYCH2018 label!
2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The aim of the Year is to encourage more people to discover and explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Details of implementation can be found online, and this summary gives a short overview (PDF) about the main aims and objectives of the EYCH 2018.
The European Music Council has been actively involved in the preparation of the year as a member of the EYCH Stakeholder Committee and is therefore entitled to grant EYCH2018 labels to its members (and to members of its members)! This means that you can use the official EYCH2018 logo to promote your activities.

Are you planning any heritage project, initiative, festival, gathering, research, campaign at cross border/European level that takes place in 2018?

Activities, projects, events and initiatives that address one or more of the objectives of the EYCH (as defined in Art. 2 and 3 of Decision (EU) 2017/864) can be awarded with the EYCH logo provided that:

  • the activity has a clear European dimension
  • involves several European partners
  • responds to the objectives of the EYCH 2018
  • is not funded by the EU
  • take place between 7 December 2017 and 31 December 2018

Please use this form and send it to info@emc-imc.org (subject line: EYCH2018)!
Please note that transnational activities, which receive EU funding, can request the European Commission to use the logo through this online form.
If you have national or regional activities planned in an EU Member State, please contact your National Coordinator for more information regarding the label.

Take a look at the official EYCH2018 website to find out more about events around Europe and near you and find out more about the European Year of Cultural Heritage in the press release and fact sheet of the European Commission or check out our website!

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